Candidate Denies Racism But Requires Children To Marry Straight White Christians To Receive Trust Fund Money

Cunningham lost the endorsement from newspaper after revealing the racial and religious requirements of his childrens’ future partners.

A GOP candidate, Vickers Cunningham, has lost his endorsement from The Dallas Morning News for his candidacy for county commissioner. As the race is winding to a close, the newspaper announced their decision after they found out in an interview with Cunningham that he has some questionable stipulations for his children. Cunningham said that he has set up a living trust for his kids when they meet certain life milestones. For the marriage milestone, he has established that his children must marry straight, White Christians in order to receive their trust fund money, according to the Washington Examiner.

“I’m supporting what my beliefs are… I strongly support traditional family values, that if you marry a person of the opposite sex, that’s’ Caucasian, that’s Christian, they will get a distribution.”

Additionally, Cunningham’s estranged brother and former campaign aide revealed that the candidate has been known to use the N-word “for years.” The brother, Bill Cunningham, also said that Vickers had previously threatened him and his African American husband. Bill wanted to make a statement for everyone to hear, which is that “His views and his actions are disqualifying for anyone to hold public office in 2018.” Meanwhile, Vickers’ other two brothers Ross and Greg Cunningham have undermined Bill’s assertions, saying that he’s a “deeply troubled man” who only wants to destroy Vickers’ candidacy over a tiff over a loan.

A woman named Amanda Tackett worked on his campaign and said that he called criminal cases involving African Americans as “T.N.D.s.” This was a made-up phrase that stood for “Typical [n-word] Deals.” Although Cunningham has denied that he is racist, Dallas Morning News made the claim that he is a “lifelong racist,” detailed The Washington Post.

Cunningham’s son is currently in an interracial relationship with a Vietnamese woman. He says he accepts his son’s relationship with the woman, but that he doesn’t plan on changing the clause in the trust fund.

This is all very relevant, considering that he was a criminal district judge for a decade in Dallas County. Cunningham claims that he’s never allowed discrimination to play a part in his job duties, although it’s difficult to verify this either way.

Cunningham’s current candidacy is for county commissioner in a county with a majority minority population, mostly of Hispanics and African Americans. In the midst of the national attention on his trust fund stipulation for his children, Cunningham has not indicated that he would drop out of the race.

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