Cat sanctuary struggling to provide care after water shut off

A cat fight is raging over water on Roosevelt Island.

Operators of a feline sanctuary say they are struggling to care for their 22 “Island Cats” after the corporation that controls utilities on the island cut off the facility’s water. The taps have been dry at the Wildlife Freedom Foundation’s cat enclosure for about a month, the group said.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. says it can no longer supply water because doing so cuts the pressure to the system. It has proposed alternatives, but they all either entail long trips to get the water, tanks that could draw mosquitoes or large costs.

“We have been using the water judiciously,” WFF President and Founder Rossana Ceruzzi said. “We don’t know what is really behind all of this.”

The RIOC said it has supported WFF “by building several cat sanctuaries” and awarding the first half of a $5,000 grant to help subsidize WFF’s program and costs.

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