Cate Blanchett and I are both proof that whirlwind romances can work

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! In answer to this paper’s front page question on Thursday, which went thus: ‘Whirlwind romances… can they ever last?’

I’m not sure it warrants a whole diatribe from me, but hey, I am sort of living proof that ‘yes, they can’ is true.

But let’s set that aside for now and study the story that prompted the headline in question.

Sheridan Smith has got engaged to boyfriend Jamie Horn just three months after she encountered him on Tinder and they began seeing each other.

So it clearly wasn’t a Brief Encounter, then? Boom, boom! Or maybe it will be?

After all, how can you possibly know someone enough to spend the rest of your life with them having known them only for a matter of months – or 12 weeks, in Sheridan’s case. Well you can. And I can vouch for that.

Or maybe Cate Blanchett is a more glamorous example. Just. The Hollywood actress admits she decided she wanted to marry playwright Andrew Upton just three days into their relationship.

"She finally said yes after 21 days of passion. Almost 18 years on and they’re still together.

A bit like another woman – a tad less glamorous – who worked in Hollywood for a bit. That’ll be me.

When I returned from working in LA, I resumed my reporter’s job at GMTV, whereupon I found myself one morning alongside a colleague who, 20 weeks down the line, ended up being my husband, despite the fact I’d told him a few weeks before that I didn’t believe in marriage.

“When you know, you know”, as my mum would say, she being a fellow marriage avoider who similarly overcame her aversion, aged 28.

I was 36 when we tied the knot, although it was in Las Vegas and have no written proof of it. Wahaaay!

But it’s not the number of years or weeks spent dating, nor a bit of paper, that keeps you together in the end.

It’s a feeling that ‘this is it’. For life.

Even if, 20 years down the line, you sometimes wonder ‘Is this it?’.

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