Charles’ Harry and William coronation plan ‘rife with problems’, expert claims

King Charles' hopes for Prince Harry and Prince William to come together at his Coronation could be dashed, an expert has claimed.

The king's plan to have both the Duke of Sussex and Prince of Wales appear at his Coronation is "rife with problems".

Expert Daniela Elser reckons Charles' desire to have both his sons attend the historic coronation in May could be problematic.

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It would appear the previously reported "Harry in a hurry" plan would leave Meghan at home in the United States, meaning Harry would venture to the royal event alone.

Elser claimed that the coronation woes had continued for the Royal Family, writing: "Which brings us to this latest 'Harry in a hurry' scheme, which is in itself, rife with problems."

Elser remarked that the plan, which was "rife with problems", would struggle to fit Harry in, noting that the ex-active Royal would have little to do at the event.

She wrote: "There is the fact that there will be wider official events and royal outings beyond the religious ceremony raising the question of what, if any, part [Harry] might play."

Her comments come as speculation grows over whether Harry will attend the event, and if it would be a no-go from older brother Prince William.

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Daily Star previously reported that the King of England "can't imagine" the service without both of his sons present, although getting them there may prove challenging.

A previous column from Elser noted that the King's plan has not been "greeted with much eagerness", with King Charles allegedly asking the Archbishop of Canterbury to intervene.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was reportedly asked by King Charles III to intervene and "strike an agreement" between the warring brothers.

Should Harry appear at the Coronation, it would mark the first Royal event that the brothers have appeared at together since the release of Harry's bombshell autobiography, Spare.

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