Child falls off sofa balanced on top of sofa

Sofa not so good! Child falls off settee that is balanced on top of pushchair as the family fail to multitask

  • The large sofa was filmed being carted through the streets of Middlesbrough
  • Two people either side of couch hold onto the settee while it balances on a pram 
  • Footage was uploaded onto social media, where it has received dozens of views 

A child sitting on a sofa that is balanced on a buggy is nearly thrown from the settee after the pram hits a bump in the road. 

Video shows the family trying to balance the large sofa on the pram and push it along the street in Middlesbrough.

As a way of solving the problem of what to do with the occupant of the pram, the family perch the child on the sofa. 

The family were filmed as they balanced a sofa on top of their pram, as one person holds the couch either way

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But when the pram hits a bump in the pavement, the sofa slips forward and the child almost falls out.

The incident was filmed in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, by Ruby-Mae Mcghee on Monday.

She uploaded the footage on social media with the caption ‘Boro’ and two laughing emojis. 

Ms Mcghee was in a car when she spotted the family balancing the sofa on the buggy.

The video shows the group trying to balance the large sofa on the pram and push it along the street, but it takes a tumble after hitting a bump in the road

Someone in her video is heard saying: ‘Oh my god, there’s someone sat on the sofa. There’s a kid on the sofa.’

The father pushing the buggy begins to push the pram down a slight slope, causing it to accelerate.

Suddenly the sofa falls off the top of the pram and down onto the pavement.

Both people either side of the couch, who were trying to make sure it would not fall, both managed to grab the sofa and avoided injury. 

Someone can be heard gasping and saying: ‘S*** it’s fallen.’

The man then reaches onto the couch and pulls the child off to safety.

In the clip. a child can be heard saying: ‘Here the kid could have f****** hurt themself there’ before driving off. 

Speaking today, Ruby-Mae, from Middlesbrough, she initially thought it wasn’t a bad idea until the couch fell over.

She said: ‘I thought it was hilarious and thought it was a good idea till I seen the child on it go flying.’

The sofa falls on the floor but the child is rescued before any real harm can come to it

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