China did 'Nazi-style' bioweapons experiments on 'human Guinea pigs’ & infected them with diseases, defector claims

CHINA carried out Nazi-style bioweapons and nuclear experiments on "human Guinea pigs", a defector has claimed in a bombshell new book.

The Communist Party are alleged to have sanctioned sick tests such as infecting people with diseases and exposing them to nuclear radiation during the 1960s.

High profile defector Wei Jingsheng made the claims while he was interviewed for investigative journalist Sharri Markson's new book What really happened in Wuhan.

The bombshell book lays out the detailed evidence that the Covid pandemic may have been sparked when a virus leaked from a lab in China.

And as part of the dossier of evidence, Markson looks at the inseparable links between Chinese medical science and the Chinese military which date back decades.

Mr Wei, who is now a celebrated human rights activist, claims China's human experimentation "only got more dangerous" as the years went on.

Chinese military scientists would carry out germ warfare experiments on young men under the auspices of the Academy of Military Sciences, the medical wing of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) which remains in operation.

Markson compared the experiments to the disturbing and inhumane tests carried out by the Nazis on prisoners during World War 2.

Mr Wei – who attended the same Chinese military school as now president Xi Jinping – revealed the academy's main role was to "study nuclear war and germ/bacteria warfare".

"There was an 'exercise platoon' of soldiers composed of strong and healthy young men who ate the best food, for the results of the human body experiments.

"To use a large number of soldiers as guinea pigs in the field for military medical research is a well-known thing in China."

Soldiers were forcibly irradiated during nuclear bomb tests so scientists could study the impacts of radiation on their bodies – with many of them dying of from the poison.

Propaganda videos from the period make no mention of the human experiments – but do show animals being exposed to nuclear radiation during atom bomb detonations.

Chinese soldiers are also seen training to fight in the irradiated zones wearing gas masks and protective suits – before being given check ups.

And the CIA is claimed to have reams of classified data on the past seven decades of Chinese bioweapons tests.

China is alleged to have developed its germ warfare unit after World War 2 after being subjected to bio warfare by Japan – with the military academy being set up in 1951.

"It scared the living s*** out of Chinese communist rebels, because they didn't know how they were dying," said former Donald Trump administration official David Asher.

Mr Wei – who defected in 1997 – says he continues to hear horror stories about classified research in China, some of which he alleges is aided by scientists from America.

And he suggested China's bioweapons division may not be even more advanced than its opposite number in the West thanks to unrestrained – an unethical – experimentation.

"Some scientists who were not allowed to do research in the USA, due to moral issues, would go to China to study, or help train to train students to study, so their level is definitely better than the United States," he told Markson.

China has recently been accused of once again carrying out "Nazi-style" experiments – this time on Uighur Muslims prisoners.

However, the Communist Party angrily denies any allegations of this.

It has been increasingly speculated as well that the Wuhan Institute of Virology – the lab which may have leaked Covid – may have been working alongside the PLA.

Mr Wei speculated that it is not beyond the realm of possibility to think the virus may have been deliberately released by China.

However, Markson repeatedly states in her book that no other scientist or official she interviewed supported this view.

China however is known to have carried out coronavirus military drills in the months before the outbreak, and there were reports a mysterious illness circulating through the Wuhan military games in September 2019.

"The kindness of Western scientists is worthy of respect," Mr Wei said.

"Therefore they cannot understand the evil way of thinking and they cannot understand the extent to which Chinese scientists exaggerate their achievements."

Nazi experiments during World War 2

NAZI scientists are known to have carried out twisted experiments on prisoners behind closed doors of their vile concentration camps.

Soviet soldiers, Jews, disable people and other ethnic groups were all subjected to the disgusting tests which essentially amounted to medical torture.

And most the procedures involved the sick Nazi doctors attempting to perfect the "master race" or test terrifying new weapons.

Disturbing experiments included warped and seemingly nonsensical tests on 1,500 sets of twins – including creating conjoined twins by stitching them together or injecting dyes into their eyes.

Living people were frozen or put in low pressure chambers in an effort to help pilots survive at higher altitudes.

Victims were infected with malaria, typhus and other infectious diseases – with children also having their lymph nodes removed.

Forced sterilisation and surgical removal of the sexual organs were also common place as some female patients were also raped so doctors could study the passage of sperm.

Others doctors removed bones and muscles without anaesthesia, or repeatedly struck patients on the head to see what would happen.

After the end of World War 2 and the fall of The Third Reich, the crimes were exposed during what became known as "The Doctors' Trial".

Sick physicians attempted to claim their experiments were driven by wartime necessity – but it ended up with new international laws being drawn up on medical experiments, the Nuremberg Code.

Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, told Markson he considers the notion of an intentional leak "out of the question".

However, speaking about the possibility of more depraved experiments by China, he said: "The Chinese do no feel morally constrained.

"It is an extraordinary regime. It does not behave in a way that Western governments try to behave."

Markson's book lays the case that she believes is "beyond doubt" that Covid emerged from WIV after being supercharged in genetic experiments by Chinese scientists.

It is suggested the virus may have first leaked in a lab accident in October 2019 which China tried to cover up.

However, they could not contain the bug and finally fessed up about the virus to WHO on December 31.

From then on the whole world changed, and Markson believes an "unforgivable" cascade of failures and acceptance of "lies" by China allowed the virus to become a pandemic.

She warns the world must get to the bottom of this case or we risk potentially seeing another pandemic triggered by risky and irresponsible virus research carried out in China.

However, some scientists continue to argue that a lab leak is unlikely and Covid most likely emerged naturally in animals such as bats before spilling over to humans.

US intelligence services last month admitted they continue to be "split" on the theory – which was once dismissed as a conspiracy – after a probe ordered by Joe Biden.

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