China would shoot itself in foot with Taiwan invasion ‘Everyone going to unite more’

Expert warns off China from invading Taiwan

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence reported 18 Chinese aircraft entering Taiwanese air defence resulting in a heightened state of alert due to fear that China might use Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to launch an invasion of the island. US Representative Mark Green warned China of an even united response from the US if the country decides to invade. Mr Green said: “Everyone is going to unite even more than with Ukraine”, and claimed that the strategy the west should use to prevent the invasion from happening is “to make the consequence of China attacking Taiwan so great that they choose not to do so”. 

On Balance show presenter Leland Vittert asked: “Can the world come together against China if they invade Taiwan?”

Mr Green responded: “Yeah, I think so.

“Because while you’re sort of looking at the difference between China and Russia, I’d suggest you look at the difference between Taiwan and Ukraine.

“Taiwan make 94 percent of all the high and semiconductors, and China cannot tolerate China seizing control of Taiwan.

“So absolutely. We are going to push back.

“And everyone is going to unite and probably even more than with Ukraine.”

During the interview, he also pointed out: “We have been arming Taiwan.

“We’ve had the Taiwanese defence act for a long time.

“I mean, it is decades. So we’ve been supporting Taiwan for years with military equipment.

“That’s been going on for really decades.

“Could we do more? And should we do more? Absolutely.”

He then concluded: “What we have to do is to make the consequence of China attacking Taiwan so great that they choose not to do so.


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“That’s real deterrence”. 

The claim follow reports from Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence which seem to confirm that 18 Chinese aircraft have entered Taiwanese air defence.

The move, according to Taiwan, would be part of a regular pattern of incursions from China, which has become a common occurrence over the past 2 years and which has now resulted in an increased state of alert from Taiwan considering the invasion in Ukraine. 

Following the reports, China seems to not have yet provided a clear response in reference to the incursion, but justified previous missions as operations “to defend the country’s sovereignty and to counter collusion with foreign forces”, referring to US forces. 

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