CNN host mocks Trump by asking ‘where has he been’ since ‘embarrassing’ loss to Joe Biden

A CNN host mocked Donald Trump by asking "where has he been" since his "embarrassing" loss to Joe Biden.

Network anchor John Berman mocked Trump on Tuesday for going into “hiding” before the president made his first public appearance today after being beaten by Biden.

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Berman also scoffed at his "New Day" co-anchor Alisyn Camerota for suggesting that Trump is busy “plotting” as he reportedly plans rallies and his base prepare for a march on Washington DC.

Aside from his golf outing in Virginia last Saturday, Trump had remained holed up in the White House – until today.

He made his first official post-election appearance to mark Veteran's Day with a wreath laying ceremony four days after the media projected his Biden would take the White House. 

“ I just don’t think we can push this aside: where has the president been?” Berman remarked yesterday. “It’s been since Thursday that we’ve seen his face. So he is in some sort of hiding.”

“Or plotting,” Camerota interjected. “I mean the other option is he’s absolute conspicuously absent for sure, for somebody who likes being on television and has done that every day of his presidency.

"But is it possible that he’s behind the scenes doing something other than hiding?”

But Berman issued a snarky dig at Trump's ability to strategically plan.

“Oh he is clearly a brilliant political strategist planning these intricate moves,” Berman sniped.

“No, I think it’s fair to ask the question about whether he’s so embarrassed and knows that he will face questions about losing an election, or forced to justify the BS lawsuits that he doesn’t have good answers for.

"It really is interesting that he lacks the conviction to come out and talk about this publicly, or the energy. He either lacks the conviction or the energy.”

Camerota then claimed Trump is "stacking the Pentagon with his people,” to but Berman responded "how do you know it’s not the chief of staff? We don’t know we haven’t seen him.”

He also praised how Biden "has chosen to behave, how he chose to address this yesterday" after the President-Elect described Trump's behavior as "embarrassing."

"There is genuine concern, even alarm, among a lot of people about how the president is reacting, so his behavior is notable," the CNN host noted.

His comments come as Trump supporters and Proud Boys plan a "Million MAGA March" on the Capitol in support of the baseless allegations of election rigging.

Numerous groups and accounts promoting the event – scheduled for Saturday, November 14 – have appeared on Facebook, Twitter and conservative favored social network Parler in the last 72 hours.

DC's Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to The Sun it is aware of the plan and is continuing to "monitor, assess and plan accordingly".

The march comes as tensions are running high as Trump doubled down on election rigging allegations, leading to the cry of "stop the steal" by his supporters.

He claims without offering evidence that Biden and the Democratic Party were involved in a gigantic voter fraud scheme across multiple states.

Various accounts promoting the "Million MAGA March" say it will take place at midday and take supporters from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Trump has launched lawsuits – several have already been dismissed or denied by judges – in multiple battleground states.

Attorney General William Barr also authorized the Department of Justice to  "pursue substantial allegations"of voter fraud without citing any evidence of it.

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