Cold weather tips: How to stay warm when it’s freezing cold outside

Cold weather could pose a risk to some people this year, as temperatures begin to plunge. People across the UK woke up to a coating of frost this morning as temperatures plummeted well below zero, forcing the Met Office to release a cold weather warning. The Met Office has warned the weather could “increase health risks” making it vital for some people to stay warm.

The Met Office recently warned temperatures would remain low overnight but barely increase during the day.

They said: “This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services.

“Cold and largely settled to start the week with widespread night-time frosts, particularly across the north of the country.

“Temperatures will struggle to recover by day, despite the sunshine, and maybe suppressed further by overnight freezing fog patches.”


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How to stay warm when it’s cold outside

Most people are well-equipped to deal with plummeting temperatures in the UK, given the country’s tendency for unpredictable weather.

The easiest way to combat the cold weather is to wrap up with a hat, coat and scarf, or have a cup of tea.

Here, has listed several ways to keep warm in the autumn and winter months.

Rework your bed and bedsheets

During winter, it is best to keep the thickest bedsheets closer to your skin.

Thicker sheets prevent immediate body heat loss, while thinner ones at the top keep the heat from escaping the covers.

People concerned about heat loss should also keep their beds away from the wall, as the cold clings to surfaces.

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Focus on changing your body temperature

Most people will flock straight to their central heating during the winter, which could rack up a hefty heating bill.

When heating is turned on, people need to wait for the room to warm before they see the benefits.

To warm up quicker, people should raise their body temperature by wrapping up in their warmest clothing or blankets or drink warm fluids such as tea or hot chocolate.

Protect your windows

Windows offer the thinnest protection between the home and the outside elements, meaning warm air can easily escape.

The best way to ensure as little wait escapes as possible is to invest in double glazing or cover the window with clingfilm to prevent drafts rolling in.

People can also replace thin curtains with thicker materials, such as wool or fleece.

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