Colorado dad admits to killing wife — but not daughters — in chilling confession video

In a newly released confession video, the Colorado man who killed his family admitted that he strangled his pregnant wife but insisted he never killed their two young daughters.

Instead, it was his wife who’d killed the little girls, murderer Chris Watts lied in the chilling confession.

“I freaked out, you understand me?” Watts, 34, said in the video where he admits to killing wife Shannan, 34, who was 15 weeks pregnant.

“Oh, my God,” Watts’ father, who was sitting with him in an interrogation room, repeatedly responded, rubbing his head with his hand, according to two hours of raw video posted by KMGH-TV in Denver.

The chilling video was released to the public two weeks after Watts was sentenced to life in prison for strangling Shannan with his bare hands and then smothering their girls, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, this summer in their home in the suburban town of Frederick.

The video includes footage of Watts insisting to investigators at first that his family had inexplicably vanished.

“I had nothing to do with what’s going on right now,” he claimed toward the beginning of the Aug. 15 interrogation. “I did not physically harm her.”

The investigators then left the room, and Watts was joined there by his father, Ronnie.

On the night they “disappeared,” Shannan was furious that he was having an affair and wanted to leave the marriage, Watts told his father.

“I was emotional; told her about the separation and all that,” he told his father in the confession, taped a day after he’d made an impassioned plea to the public for his family’s safe return.

What happened after that? the father asked.

“I was downstairs,” Watts began.

“I don’t want to protect her,” he then added abruptly. “I don’t know what else to say.”

When the father asked again, “What happened?” Watts whispered that his wife smothered both girls.

“I was downstairs, I came back up, and they were gone,” he lied.

“Those were my kids,” he added, sounding emotional.

“Did she kill them?” the father asked.

“They were blue,” Watts responded. “I freaked out, you understand me?”

The father repeatedly rubbed his face in apparent dismay, as if believing the story.

“It was rage,” Watts told him.

The two men were eventually joined in the interrogation room by a male and female investigator, and Watts repeated the tale.

“I freaked out. I ran in there. I got on top of her,” he said of Shannan.

“Those were my babies. Those were my kids,” he sobbed.

Asked what happened next, he answered, “That was it … I was shaking. Both my kids were blue. They were gone. … She hurt my kids. Like, I did the same thing to her.”

Watts hesitated in describing where the bodies were, instead continuing to play the victim.

“I didn’t know what to f— ing do. Like none of this made sense. Why would she hurt my f—ing girls?”

He sobbed again.

“My babies are gone. And I put my hands around my wife’s neck and did that same thing.”

He eventually admitted to loading the bodies into his pickup truck and disposing of them on the grounds of the oil and gas company where he worked.

Another newly-released video shows security camera footage of Watts placing what looks like a red gasoline can in his truck at around the time when he moved the bodies.

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