Commuter has innovative solution for keeping upright on the bus

When there aren’t enough handholds: Commuter has an innovative solution for keeping her upright on the bus

  •  Unidentified Chinese woman uses creative way to hold herself up on busy bus
  • People can be seen laughing in the footage as she clings to plunger handle
  • She may have been too small to be able to reach handles and got creative

 A woman has used a creative way to hold herself up on a crowded bus by sticking a toilet plunger to the ceiling to keep her upright.

The pint-sized Chinese woman, who is not identified, may have not been able to reach the bus handles and armed herself with her secret weapon to keep her balance while travelling.

The footage starts as the woman boards the congested bus which is packed with commuters sitting in the seats and clutching the grab rails.

The woman is then seen pulling out her toilet plunger and attaching the end to the ceiling so it sticks.

She appears casual as she continues to clutch onto the handle as the bus drives along and other passengers chuckle at her innovative use of the household appliance.    

The unique video was posted on Youtube with the title: ‘Chinese woman uses plunger as a makeshift handle on bus’.  

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Life hack: The woman may not have been able to reach the handles so brought the household appliance with her to stop her from stumbling on the congested bus

The footage, which was viewed 922 times, was captioned: ‘This is the bizarre and hilarious moment a woman used a toilet plunger as a makeshift handle on a bus, as there were no free handholds available for her.’

 One social media user wrote criticised the bus company for not having enough handles.

Clever: Bemused commuters can be seen looking over at her and laughing as the bus drives along. The footage was watched by hundreds after it was posted on youtube

He wrote: ‘It’s not bizarre. It’s smart, practical and send a strong message to those guys and the bus company. 

‘There are not enough handles in the bus obviously and those guys who are taller should just hold onto the bar and leave the handles to shorter people. Instead they laughed.’

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