Cop finds lost engagement ring at the beach with metal detector

A resourceful Long Island cop used his personal metal detector at the beach to reunite a frantic bride-to-be with her lost engagement ring, Suffolk County police said.

The Pennsylvania woman misplaced her more than $20,000 rock on Saturday after spending the day on Fire Island for her bachelorette party.

With her wedding next weekend, she was desperate to get the ring back.

Marine Bureau Police Officer Robert Warrington, who’d had no luck with the search, called his colleague Officer Edmund McDowell and suggested he bring his metal detector to comb through Atlantique Beach.

After about 10 minutes of scouring over sand on Sunday, the large, round-cut diamond was found – along with a dime, a quarter and a rusty screw.

“We called her up and she was crying and crying,” McDowell told Newsday.

A friend of the bride-to-be, who stayed behind to help with the search, delivered the ring back on Sunday night.

This is the second time McDowell used his metal detector to help beachgoers. About eight years ago he found a $30,000 platinum and diamond wedding band for a man who lost it playing volleyball, Newsday reported.

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