Cop who arrested El Chapo’s son ‘executed’ after gunmen shoot him 155 times

An elite police officer who was part of the operation to arrest the son of El Chapo has been brutally murdered after two men shot him more than 150 times.

Ovidio Guzman, the son of the drug lord, was briefly captured by Mexican police, triggering a shocking gunfight in the streets.

Authorities were later forced to release Guzman , who is believed to have followed his dad into the drugs trade, to avoid further bloodshed.

One of the elite police officers involved in the operation has been gunned down outside a shopping centre.

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Shocking footage shows two cars approaching the officer before unleashing a hail of machine gun fire, killing him.

Cops are hunting the culprits. It is not yet known if they have any gang affiliation.

Local media have reported the operation also aimed to extradite Guzman to US.

Guzman is believed to operate in black market fentanyl, which has fuelled violence in Mexico and led to the extradition attempt.

Nine women and children who were part of breakaway Mormon communities were brutally murdered by Mexican cartels warring over the highly addictive drug.

The wedding party was ambushed by gunmen in a shooting attack in the Mexican border state of Sonora, with their bodies found dead in their burned-out SUVs.

Reports said the police officer victim became a National Police officer in 2013 and last held a position in the security outfit for the undersecretary of public security Carlos Alberto Hernandez Leyva.

It is unclear if the cop was on duty at the time of the attack although he was reportedly carrying a gun with him.

The secretary of public security Cristobal Castaneda Camarillo and his undersecretary Hernandez Leyva both showed up at the crime scene on the same morning to supervise the investigation.

The local authorities are investigating the incident although they have yet to establish whether a criminal gang was behind the alleged assassination.

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