Cops clash with protesters on sixth night of George Floyd protests

More than 50 Secret Service agents are injured in clashes outside the White House: Rioters throw Molotov cocktails in DC while looters trash Gucci and Chanel stores in NYC on a sixth night of violence in cities across the US

  • Chaos has continued to unfold in at least 140 cities across America marking the sixth evening of demonstrations decrying the police killing of black man George Floyd
  • Chaos has 140 cities across America marking the sixth evening of demonstrations decrying the police killing of black man George Floyd
  • In Washington DC the historic St. John’s church was set on fire Sunday evening in front of the White House  
  • Police deployed tear gas and pepper spray against protesters who lit the US flag on fire at Lafayette Park in DC
  • In Philadelphia dozens of stores were completely ransacked in widespread raids and lootings  
  • In Boston a cop cruiser was set on fire as lines of cops took stance outside stores to prevent raids  
  • At least 40 cities have imposed curfews in light of the riots and violence
  • About 5,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen were activated in 26 states and Washington, D.C. 

Chaos has continued to unfold in cities across America where over 50 Secret Service agents were injured in clashes with protesters in Washington DC, cops charged into demonstrators in New York City, and lootings and store raids continued to unfold in California, Philadelphia and Boston.  

Tens of thousands of people gathered as the National Guard was deployed to over half the states in the country on Sunday for protests that have seen 4,100 people get arrested this weekend alone.

But even the threat of heavy officer presence didn’t deter protesters in Philadelphia from hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at police, crowds to raid stores including Coach and Chanel in New York and San Francisco, and fires being ignited mere feet from the White House. 

Late Sunday in Washington D.C. a fire was set ablaze in the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church and Lafayette Park in front of the White House. 

This week hundreds of protests have unfolded in at least 145 cities across the country as people gather in outrage over the horrifying death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed while in the custody of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Memorial Day.

The demonstrations have marked unparalleled civil unrest in the US that hasn’t been seen since the 1968 assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

Chaos continued to unfold in cities across America late Sunday night including Washington DC, just steps from the White House, where police and Secret Service deployed tear gas as they faced off with protesters during a demonstration over the death of George Floyd

Police and Secret Service pictured standing guard in front of the White House as protesters edge closer on Sunday 

Demonstrators pictured flipping a car over and smashing its class windows during a protest near the White House on Sunday

The historic St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington DC was set ablaze in protests on Sunday. Police form a line in front of the church late Sunday

By Sunday night the church was engulfed in orange flames, but it’s not clear how the blaze started

Protesters set an American flag on fire at Lafayette Park in front of the White House as they rallied against police brutality on Sunday evening

Over 1,000 protesters gathered around a fire ignited near the White House on Sunday evening

At least 40 cities have imposed curfews in light of the riots and violence and National Guard members have been activated in 26 states and Washington, DC. 

In total at least five people have been killed in protest violence after gunfire rang out in Detroit and Indianapolis and in Omaha a 22-year-old black protester was killed in a struggle with a local business owner.

Two Atlanta police officers were fired Sunday after video emerged showing them using excessive force during protests this weekend, including tasing and dragging two college students from a car.

St. John’s cathedral, which was opened in 1816, was set ablaze Sunday night in the nation’s capital, but it’s not clear how the fire started. The fire was put out shortly after 11pm.

A fire was also set in Lafayette Park, located just in front of the White House, where a protester set a US flag on fire sending smoke into the air as more than 1,000 gathered and raised their fists in solidarity. 

The fire grew into a massive blaze in the middle of the park, where protesters gathered and raised their fists in solidarity

Police armed with plastic shields, bulletproof vests, and weapons pictured at Lafayette Park as demonstrators gathered for the sixth night on Sunday evening

Police officers charge forward during a protest outside the White House on Sunday

After 11pm, curfew in Washington DC, the White House shut off its exterior lights and went dark on Sunday nights as protesters still rioted outside

A man raises his fist in front of the White House as smoke envelopes the capital’s front lawn on Sunday

Fury erupted even as it neared curfew in Washington DC and as police fired tear gas and pepper spray amid blazes in the capital.

People were seen throwing branches and fireworks into the fires as police advanced forward in a line in a bid to push back the crowds to send people home as curfew is called for 11pm local time and will lift Monday morning at 6am, as designated by Mayor Muriel Bowser. 

Before the blaze at the church broke out church officials said they were thankful that the church wasn’t hit by protests the day before.

‘We are fortunate that the damage to the buildings is limited,’ Rev. Rob Fischer, the rector of the church, said earlier on Sunday. He said that that same morning church officials had secured its valuables. 

On Sunday protests decrying the police killing of black Minneapolis man George Floyd continued. Using a fire extinguisher and their bodies, a group of protesters in New York stopped looters from entering a closed business 

Peaceful protesters pictured making a chain with their arms to block looters from entering this closed Tory Burch store on Sunday evening amid growing civil unrest

Protesters pictured taking a knee and raising their hands in the middle of Canal Street amid a stand off with police over the death of George Floyd at a rally Sunday evening 

New York City police officers block Canal Street as protesters demonstrate. Thousands of National Guard troops patrolled major US cities after five consecutive nights of protests over racism and police brutality that boiled over into arson and looting

A man in a Spiderman costume raises his fist in solidarity with protesters with the Freedom Tower shining in the back during protests in Brooklyn Sunday evening

Stronger together: Activists pictured arm in arm as they march to the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday

Horrifying video footage has emerged of New York Police Department officers clashing with protesters on Sunday night, chasing them and flinging them to the ground on the sixth night of demonstrations denouncing the police killing of black man George Floyd

Trump was rushed to White House bunker as protests raged outside 

Donald Trump was rushed to a White House bunker by Secret Service agents on Friday as protesters clashed with police outside, it has emerged. 

An administration official and a Republican close to the White House both confirmed that Trump had been taken to safety after the George Floyd protests reached Washington.  

It was not clear whether First Lady Melania Trump and the couple’s 14-year-old son, Barron, joined the president in the bunker. 

‘The White House does not comment on security protocols and decisions,’ said White House spokesman Judd Deere. 

The underground bunker was where then-Vice President Dick Cheney was taken on September 11, 2001 as the terror attacks unfolded. President George W. Bush was in Florida when he learned of the attacks. 

There were fears that one of the planes was aiming for the White House, which led the Secret Service to seek to protect Cheney.

In the years since 9/11, the bunker has been fortified to withstand the impact of a jetliner crashing into the White House. 

In Manhattan a line of cops armed with plastic shields and batons were seen storming into a crowd of protesters on Sunday evening amid growing agitation. 

A circle of eight cops was seen gathering around one protester, flinging him to the ground and arresting him. Nearby also in Manhattan a car was sent up in flames Sunday evening, leaving demonstrators scrambling.

In New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter Chiara de Blaio was arrested Saturday night alongside protesters in Greenwich Village for unlawful assembly and was later released, police said. 

On Sunday stores across all boroughs were ransacked, including a Chanel in Soho and a Coach store in Midtown.

Around a dozen people were seen forcing entry into the Chanel located on Spring and Wooster after 11pm. One man was spotted leaving with four bags, as per the New York Post.

Two men fleeing the store were arrested down the block by cops who arrived two minutes after the break in.

In Los Angeles the county sheriff said people were out on the streets ‘acting like terrorists’ following a day that saw peaceful protests alongside widespread looting and store raids. 

‘The peaceful [protesters]… tend to remain peaceful but what’s embedded within them are people that are right now, they’re just acting like terrorists, trying to instill fear, damage property and loot,’ Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said to press Sunday. 

‘There’s no lawful protesters left anymore. Everybody who’s here is just trying to do damage,’ he added.  

Looters in New York pictured leaving a broken into store in Manhattan after ransacking its merchandise Sunday

Looters pictured running out of a vandalized Coach store in Manhattan on Sunday

Designer destroyed: This New York Dolce and Gabbana store was completely raided and cleared of its shelves Sunday

Looters in New York pictured running away from a vandalized store on Sunday evening 

Protesters pictured breaking their into a Gucci store in Soho, Manhattan Sunday evening

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the heart of protests in the country, law enforcement officials said they believe white supremacists have infiltrated demonstrates in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Department of Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell said Sunday night.

‘They’re agitators,’ he said to CNN, saying there have been reports of Antifa members attending demonstrations. Antifa is short for anti-fascists and are people whose political beliefs lean to the far left and are not in line with the Democratic Party.

Such complaints are sweeping the nation as a divide emerges among peaceful protesters, rioters, and looters. 

On Sunday evening a man later identified as Bogdan Vechirko drove a tanker truck into a crowd of protesters on the Minnesota I-35W bridge on Sunday night and was later charged with assault.

No protesters were hurt but his actions were described as ‘inciting a crowd of peaceful demonstrators’.

In Philadelphia officials closed off much of the city after peaceful day protests turned into utter destruction by night fall.

Store windows saw their glass windows smashed near City Hall and their shelves raided with merchandise spilling out into the streets. 

Philadelphia: Officials closed off much of the city after peaceful day protests turned into utter destruction by night fall on Sunday. People pictured running away from a GameStop during civil unrest

Looters pictured leaving a hardware store with lamps and merchandise in their hands after the store was raided in Sunday protests 

Police pictured arresting a man who was caught looting a hardware store during George Floyd protests on Sunday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Utter destruction: Glamorous stores were left completely destroyed in the store raised with racks swept clean, unwanted clothes thrown on the ground, and shelves empty of merchandise 

Barely anything left: Shelves at this hardware store were practically cleared out and unwanted boxes and goods left on the ground in disarray in Philadelphia on Sunday

George Floyd died on May 25 after he was arrested by four Minneapolis police officers for allegedly using a fake $20 bill. He was brought to the ground and white cop Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes, despite Floyd’s desperate repeated pleas for help saying, ‘I can’t breathe’.

The horrific assault was caught on video and sent shockwaves across the nation. 

In total Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds; two minutes and 53 seconds of which occurred after Floyd became unresponsive.

After civil unrest and protests, Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter and he along with the three other officers who arrested Floyd have been fired from the force following outrage over Floyd’s death.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officers patrol Sunday in Santa Monica, California after peaceful protests turned into mass lootings 

Protesters pictured being detained by officers during a rally against the death of George Floyd late Sunday

Police pictured wearing protective gear as they arrest protesters at a rally in Minneapolis on Sunday

A view of the damaged lobby of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations headquarters in Washington pictured Sunday following protests

A man smashes the window of a restaurant amid nationwide unrest following the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Washington state on Sunday

A man with a hammer attacks another man as a result of a disagreement about vandalism during demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in New York on Sunday

A line of police officers pictured at an intersection in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday evening

Police pictured facing off with protesters at a rally in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday

A woman protests in front of a line of Las Vegas Police officers on the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday

Protesters pictured ransacking a 7-Eleven store in New York late Sunday

Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin is moved to one of the nation’s most secure prisons as he awaits his first court date in the death of George Floyd

By Ben Ashford for 

Derek Chauvin, 44, was arrested Friday on charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, which has sparked violent protests

Fired Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was moved to one of the most secure prisons in the US Sunday night, can exclusively reveal.

In a highly unusual move, Chauvin, who is facing a murder charge in the death of George Floyd, was transferred late Sunday to Oak Park Heights Prison – Minnesota’s only Level Five maximum security facility.

The 407-inmate prison boasts of never having had an escape and is also regarded as one of the country’s safest, having only had one homicide in its history. Located on the border with Wisconsin, between the cities of Bayport and Stillwater, it accepts some of America’s most hated and high-risk inmates.

Chauvin was due to appear in court on Monday but with Minneapolis still gripped by unrest the appearance was pushed back until June 8.

According to recent data released by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, the Oak Park Heights Prison currently houses 297 murderers, 69 sexual predators and eight kidnappers.

Some 46 percent of the prison population is black.

The 16-acre, rural prison is carved into the side of a hill and has been featured on the National Geographic show America’s Hardest Prisons.

Cells are 7 by 10 feet with cement slab bed and toilets and sink made of steel so they can’t be broken off to use as weapons. The reinforced windows are said to be so secure that it would take 12,000 hacksaw blades to cut though the steel bars.

Chauvin had spent the weekend locked in solitary confinement in a heavily fortified Minnesota jail guarded by police marksmen and barbed wire barriers, can reveal.

SWAT teams armed with rifles and binoculars kept lookout from the rooftop of the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center while a phalanx of Sheriff’s Deputies stood guard behind hastily erected steel fences.

Chauvin was held there Friday through Sunday because of the carnage unfolding outside jail facilities in Minneapolis.

Ramsey County deputies took no chances, sealing off the area with concrete bomb-proof barriers and mounting round the clock patrols in case protesters decided to target the jail in downtown Saint Paul.

But despite demonstrators running amok across large swathes of the Twin Cities, the expected onslaught never happened and authorities were able to quietly transfer Chauvin to downtown Minneapolis Sunday afternoon.     

Oak Park Heights Prison is Minnesota’s only Level Five maximum security facility

The facility is located on the border with Wisconsin and accepts some of America’s most hated and high-risk inmates

TMZ reported that Chauvin has a camera focused on him all day and and cops check on his cell in person every 15 minutes.

Such checks said to be common in such a high-profile case.

It has not been revealed whether the 44-year-old ex-cop, charged with the third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter of unarmed Floyd by kneeling on his neck for nine agonizing minutes, will appear in person or via video link.

Hennepin County has two facilities for adult inmates within Minneapolis but authorities have not released specifics about where he is being housed, stating only that Chauvin is at a ‘public safety facility’.

The disgraced former lawman is yet to post the $50,000 bond needed to get out of jail after bail was set Friday at $500,000.

He has two properties, one in the leafy Oakdale suburb of Saint Paul, the other in Windermere, Florida, worth that amount combined.

However understands the homes are jointly owned by his beauty pageant winner wife Kellie, 45, who would likely resist any attempt to use them as surety after vowing Friday to divorce her husband of ten years.

Kellie Chauvin released a statement on behalf of her and her family: ‘She is devastated by Mr. Floyd’s death and her utmost sympathy lies with his family, with his loved ones and with everyone who is grieving this tragedy,’ it read. 

Bill de Blasio’s daughter Chiara, 25, is ARRESTED during George Floyd protest in Manhattan where ‘demonstrators clashed with cops and torched patrol cars’ 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter Chiara (pictured) was reportedly arrested at a George Floyd protest in Manhattan on Saturday night

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was reportedly arrested at a George Floyd protest in Manhattan on Saturday night.  

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was taken into custody around 10.30pm after cops infiltrated an ‘unlawful assembly’ at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

A police report obtained by showed that she was among about 100 protesters who were arrested after they refused to move out of the roadway and were throwing objects at officers.  

‘That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there, people were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops,’ a source told the New York Post.

‘There were thousands of people in that area at that time.’ 

Chiara gave 181 East End Avenue – the mayor’s residence at Gracie Mansion – as her address, according to the report, but sources claimed she didn’t tell arresting officers who her father was. 

She was reportedly released at about 8am Sunday after receiving a desk appearance ticket.  

Chiara’s arrest came about an hour before de Blasio urged protesters to disperse.  

‘We appreciate and respect all peaceful protests, but now it is time for people to go home,’ the mayor said at a 11.30pm press conference in downtown Brooklyn.  

‘If you went out peacefully to make a point about the need for change, you have been heard and change is coming in the city. I have no doubt about that. It’s time to go home so we can all move forward.’ 

De Blasio didn’t mentioned Chiara’s arrest during either of the two press conferences he held on Sunday. The mayor is pictured with his wife Chirlane McCray, son Dante and daughter Chiara at the New York City Pride Parade in 2015 

Police in riot gear walk down a street during protests in Brooklyn on Saturday night. Chiara’s arrest came about an hour before de Blasio urged protesters to disperse

A police report obtained by (pictured) showed that Chiara was among about 100 protesters who were arrested after they refused to move out of the roadway and were throwing objects at officers

New York City police said that nearly 730 people have been arrested since protests erupted in the city late last week.  

De Blasio did not mention that his daughter had been arrested during either of the two briefings he held about the protests on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  

At the Sunday morning briefing, he said that officers had showed ‘tremendous restraint overall’ during the weekend’s demonstrations and appointed two city officials to review how the protests unfolded and how they were handled by police.He also promised an investigation into a video showing two police cruisers lurching into a crowd of demonstrators in a Brooklyn street, knocking people to the ground.     

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