‘Corona challenge’: TikTok star films herself licking airplane toilet seat

The first rule of coronavirus is: you do not lick toilet seats during coronavirus.

TikTok star and Instagram model Ava Louise was flying to Miami when she did the unthinkable in today’s climate.

In footage she first shared to her TikTok account on March 14, she generously licks the toilet seat, throwing up the peace sign before the footage ends.

But Louise, 21, isn’t bothered by the backlash from people like The View co-host Meghan McCain, who tweeted: “Put her ass in jail.”

“I trolled America,” she told the Miami Herald. “It was a clean toilet seat on a sugar daddy’s plane.”

“I feel hot, rich and iconic,” she continued. “If those are the symptoms of corona, then b—ch, I’m ill.”

She also voiced her desire to be a guest on an episode of The View, so she can respond to McCain in person.

While Louise labelled it the “coronavirus challenge,” it doesn’t appear to be being copied by other TikTok users, the New York Post reports.

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