Coronavirus: Moncton couple with COVID-19 symptoms struggling to access test

A couple from Moncton who fell ill after returning from an international trip says they’re being given the run-around in their attempt to access a COVID-19 test.

Della and Mike Fleming recently returned from a month-long trip to Mexico. They arrived at around 3 a.m. Friday, then immediately self-isolated.

But Della says just over 24 hours later, both woke up with a nasty cough.

“We have a headache, extreme chills, low-break fever, body aches, extreme fatigue,” Della said in a phone interview Monday.

“We just said, ‘we have it.’”

Adding to their concerns, Della says the passenger seated next to them was “extremely sick.”

“We sat directly beside her for four hours.”

The pair tried calling 811 but waited hours to get through to a receptionist. After about three hours, they were told to leave a message and a nurse would return their call.

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