Coronavirus – UK death toll surges from 21 to 35 overnight as number of cases hit 1,372 – The Sun

THE coronavirus death toll in the UK surged from 21 to 35 overnight as the number of cases rose from 1,140 to 1,372.

This comes as the UK's youngest victim, 59-year-old Nick Matthews, died from COVID-19 early Saturday after he developed symptoms after a holiday in Spain.

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Cases across the UK have increased from 1,140 to 1,372 in less than a day.

In Wales, cases rose from 60 to 94 and from 121 to 153 in Scotland today where one patient died overnight.

The number of confirmed cases increased from 34 to 45 in Northern Ireland as well.

In England a further 14 people have died. The victims were aged between 59 and 94 years old and had underlying health conditions.

It comes as the government is preparing to ramp up its efforts in tackling the virus.

In a shock move, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said today people aged 70 will have to self-isolate for up to four months.

Asked if that time frame was in the Government's plan, he told Sky's Sophy Ridge: "That is in the action plan, yes, and we will be setting it out with more detail when it is the right time to do so.

"Because we absolutely appreciate that it is a very big ask of the elderly and the vulnerable, and it's for their own self-protection."


Pressed on when the measure will be introduced, he said: "Certainly in the coming weeks, absolutely.

"The measures that we're taking, the measures that we're looking at taking, are very, very significant and they will disrupt the ordinary lives of almost everybody in the country in order to tackle this virus."

He also confirmed that ministers were seeking to give police powers to arrest and forcibly quarantine people who are sick with the virus but are not self-isolating.

"We are going to take the powers to make sure that we can quarantine people if they are a risk to public health, yes, and that's important," he told the BBC's Andrew Marr.

"I doubt that actually we will need to use it much, because people have been very responsible."

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