Coronavirus: Why Germany has such a low COVID-19 death rate

When comparing how countries around the world are coping with COVID-19, one country immediately stands out.

In Germany, just 0.6% of their confirmed coronavirus cases have so far ended up being fatal – the lowest figure amongst any of the most affected countries.

The next best case fatality rate is 1.4%, which can be found in the United States, Switzerland, Portugal and South Korea, while in some countries the death rate is substantially higher.

In Italy, 10.1% of confirmed cases have ended up proving fatal.

The answer to why Germany’s figure is so much better partly lies in the way the case fatality rate is calculated.

The figure is produced by dividing the number of deaths by the total number of confirmed cases.

This means if a country only tests seriously ill patients they will have a higher case fatality rate, as a higher proportion of these patients will die.

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