Costa Coffee under fire for packing vegan drinks with EIGHT teaspoons of sugar

Customers risk consuming their entire daily allowance in one mug.

The Lactofree Vanilla Latte “massimo” size has 32.4g of sugar — eight teaspoons — when made with coconut milk.

With almond milk it is 29.2g. NHS guidelines state people aged over 11 should have no more than seven teaspoons — 30g — a day.

Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum warned: “Vegans will get hooked on the sugar under the guise they are doing themselves a favour.” And Kawther Hashem of Action on Sugar said: “We urge all coffee shop chains to reduce sugar in their hot drinks.”

Costa Coffee said: “All our barista drinks are made to order and customers can opt for sugar-free syrups and smaller sizes.”

Half of people reckon mealtimes as a vegan would be a “nightmare”, a poll of 2,000 shows.


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