Couple left traumatised after yobs hurl Molotov cocktails at £20,000 food truck

A family has been put out of business when two men tossed Molotov cocktails at their food truck.

Sharon Jolley and husband Mike were devastated after they found out their snack van had been burned to the ground.

CCTV footage at a parking unit in Wigan, Greater Manchester, captures two thugs sneaking into the area on bicycles.

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One of them can be seen dousing fuel in the passenger seat while the accomplice gets the Molotov cocktails out of a backpack and stuffs towels in it.

As soon as they light up the homemade explosive, they launch it to Sharon and Mike's truck, which burns in flames.

The pair drag their bikes away from the fire so they could get on and flee the scene.

The incident happened on Rosebridge Court, Ince, Greater Manchester, at around 11pm on September 14.

Sharon and Mike are now calling for the police and public’s help in finding the culprits who torched the snack van, just as it was beginning to turn a profit.

Mike, 53, said: “The snack van has been burned to the ground and now we’re £20,000 out of pocket.

"My wife’s business has gone down the pan, we haven’t got money to go buy another snack van and these people are still running around.

"My wife is traumatised, the snack van was a new venture that began at the beginning of lockdown. It was making half-decent money and we’ve lost all of that now.

"She’s lost her business, it’s gone, that’s it.

"We're not after any sympathy or anything like that, we just need justice."

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: "At around 11pm on Wednesday, 14th September, firefighters were called to reports of a vehicle fire on Rosebridge Court in Ince.

"One fire engine from Hindley quickly attended the scene, where they found a fire involving a catering van in a car park. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus worked swiftly to remove gas cannisters from the vehicle, and used two hose reels to extinguish the flames.

“Firefighters remained at the scene for around an hour before handing over to colleagues from Greater Manchester Police.”

Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for comment.


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