Couple reunited with son 16 years after fake nurse abducted him from hospital

A couple whose newborn child was abducted from them over 10 years ago has finally been reunited with their now teenage son thanks to high-tech facial analysis.

Yasir Macias and Rosalia Lopez from Mexico had their child taken from them by a woman impersonating a nurse.

The last time the new parents saw their baby was on December 15, 2005, when a woman pretending to be a health care worker at IMSS Hospital General Regional in Guadalajara said she needed to take him for a feeding as visiting hours has ended, Newsflash reported.

She then left the hospital taking the baby with her.

Now, 16 years later, the couple have been reunited with their son, Salvador.

In September, an in-depth facial analysis using a photo of the newborn was conducted by the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences to determine how he might look today.

A few months later, investigators came across a teen with very similar characteristics to their analysis.

Officials carried out general tests on the teenager, as well as on Rosalia and Yasir, to verify their genetic relationship, and a 99.99 percent match was confirmed.

“The Public Ministry agency obtained the results of the expert reports, which confirmed 99.99 percent that the minor is directly related to both the mother and father, who have already been notified,” the State Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Jalisco Gov. Enrique Alfaro congratulated the investigators for reuniting the family.

“From my heart, all my best wishes for this new life that begins today. All my appreciation to Forensic Sciences for their great work, to Security Coordinator @RicardoSBeruben and @FiscaliaJal for not letting go, and to everyone behind this great achievement,” he wrote.

Authorities are still investigating the crime and so far, no arrests have been made for the abduction.

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