Couple stranded by cruise ship revealed as newlywed TV star and husband

A Costa Rican actress and her husband have been revealed as the couple seen frantically missing their cruise ship after turning up 45 minutes late.

Maria Gonzalez Roesch and her newlywed husband were on the Royal Caribbean cruise holiday on February 15 when they literally missed the boat.

The Symphony of the Seas ship was docked at Nassau port, and passengers had been given an all-aboard time of 3.30pm.

At 4.15pm, the gangway was removed and doors were closed – the couple arrived five minutes later.

Footage of the couple running desperately for the ship was then shared across the world.

The video, taken from the neighbouring Norwegian Bliss cruise liner, shows them arrive, run to the front of the ship and converse with workers onboard, who presumably told them it was too late.

The clip shows the pair waving their arms in hopes the ship would stop, and desperate screams of “No!” can be heard from as the vessel moves away.

After three minutes, the ship starts blaring its departure horn signalling a final goodbye to the port — and the helpless couple are left behind.

Maria, 26, explained on her Instagram that the cruise on the trip had always left at 5.30pm but that day the ship left earlier.

The honeymooning couple had been given a new itinerary but didn’t read it and assumed – wrongly – that the ship would leave on the same schedule as at other ports.

Maria also claimed they were not the only passengers stranded at Nassau with six others also making the same mistake.

The incident occurred on the sixth day of a seven-day cruise and from Nassau, the ship was returning to Miami, Florida.

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