Covid chaos at the heart of Government is last thing we need as curbs are finally lifted

COVID chaos at the heart of Government is the last thing we need as we finally lift curbs.

For Boris Johnson to be trapped in self-isolation on his much-vaunted Freedom Day would be the grimmest of ironies.

But the PM, like millions pinged by the NHS virus app, has been in contact with a person who tested positive for Covid, in this case Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

Fortunately the risk is low for anyone who, like Mr Javid, is double-jabbed.

A greater risk is the Covid app “pingdemic” crippling the economy as we come out of lockdown.

The NHS has heroically withstood previous waves of Covid. But it is now being hobbled by pings on its own app, with a quarter of junior doctors in self-isolation at some hospitals.

This comes as an Oxford study shows 15 out of every 16 people told to isolate have no trace of the virus, while business leaders predict five million of us could be stuck at home before the end of this month.

Yet still we are expected to wait another four weeks before August 16, when the double-jabbed will no longer have to isolate after contact with positive cases.

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Boris must act now if Freedom Day is to mean anything at all.

We can’t cope with another month of this pointless electronic lockdown.

Cancel the cancellers

FREE speech is a cornerstone of the British way of life.

So we applaud a new report calling for a guarantee to be written into law.

People must be able to express their views without fear of being “cancelled” by the woke brigade.

For too long, our universities and online platforms have been dominated by activists determined to crush dissent to enforce views often held only by a minute proportion of the country.

Former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption is spot on when he says this smacks of dictatorship.

It is time we learnt from America and enshrined these precious rights in law.

Hard-left Unitemare

WHY does it matter if “Red Len” McCluskey is replaced by another hard-Left leader of Britain’s biggest trade union?

Because the knock-on effect is Labour will fall back into the grip of Corbynistas.

The appallingly low turnout of these union elections makes them a farce.

McCluskey won on a turnout of just 12 per cent of Unite’s 1.4million members.

So we urge moderate members to really unite — and vote out the hard-Left wreckers.

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