Crackdown on violent Magaluf prostitutes after angry Brit expats staged protests over gangs attacking drunk holidaymakers

A 50-strong mob of prostitutes has been accused of robbing drunken holidaymakers in league with local crooks.

Brit expats, taxi drivers and Majorca residents have staged protests against the criminal gangs they say are damaging the resort by targeting tourists as they stagger back to their hotels.

Now Campaign group Cleaning up Magaluf say they have had a "really positive" meeting with Calvia mayor Alfonso Rodriguez who vowed extra policing.

The group has 5,000 members on Facebook who keep tabs on where the muggers are lurking so tourists can avoid them on their walk home.

West African prostitutes are accused of ambushing holidaymakers in packs and robbing them of their possessions.

One resident told The Sun Online: “It doesn’t matter if you are a security guard or if you are physically massive, they aren’t afraid to go for you.

“We want to get everything under control, even if we have to give these women a certain time of day or a certain zone to operate in rather than having them roaming the streets freely attacking people.

“Our main motivation is to fight against the muggings and the looky lookys (street peddlers).

“The law in Spain says you can’t sell anything in the street and we are asking people to stick to the
laws that exist.”

Members of the group have even been carrying out their own patrols in the resort to ensure holidaymakers make it back home safely.

They say authorities have feared being labelled racist for going after the women, usually prostitutes from Nigeria and Senegal.

Mafia pimps and people traffickers are said to control the women's activities and order them to rob tourists.

The campaign group say the mayor was finally forced to listen after they protested outside Calviá town hall following another night of violent attacks.

A Brit expat member of the group said: “We have been there just waiting for someone to give attention to the problem.

“I’ve gone out to meetings like this previously and just shaken my head and finally I’ve come out of this one and we finally seem to have some progress.

“I can see an improvement and they are talking to us now and listening.”

The group were due to meet with the Chief of the Guardia Civil today to discuss beefed up security measures for tourists.

Earlier this month we told how protesters clashed with African prostitutes who claimed they were victims of racist abuse and violence.

The women claim they are harassed every night and some have been attacked with pepper spray and beaten up.

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