Critically ill sister begs father to stop her treatment

Critically ill kidney failure patient, 22, begs her debt-ridden father to STOP her life-saving treatment so he can use the money to save her eight-year-old brother with leukaemia

  • Chinese woman Li Nana told her impoverished father to save her little brother 
  • She begged him to stop paying for her life-saving treatment, but he refused
  • Nana has a severe kidney disease and her fiancé dumped her over her illness
  • Her father, a farmer, said he would do anything to save his two sick children

A critically ill woman who has to rely on regular blood treatment to survive has begged her father to stop her medication so he can use the money to save her eight-year-old brother who has cancer.

Li Nana, 22, was diagnosed with a severe kidney disease last year and the only cure for the condition is a kidney transplant.

Her parents, who are farmers from central China, ran into huge debts trying to treat her; but a few months later, their youngest son Li Zhifei was found to have leukaemia.

Li Nana lies in her hospital bed in agony, crying over the misery that has befallen her brother who has leukemia. The 22-year-old Chinese woman has asked her father to stop her life-saving treatment, so her eight-year-old sibling could receive a transplant and carry on living

Li Zhife, pictured talking to his father in his hospital ward, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in October last year – just three months after his sister was found to be seriously ill

‘Dad, don’t treat me if you have no other solution, use the money to treat my brother, he can look after you when you get old,’ a tear-eyed Nana said from her ward at the Song County People’s Hospital in the city of Luoyang, Henan Province.

‘My brother is still young, I don’t I want him to suffer when he is so young. Use the money to speed up his recovery. I will be okay,’ Nana continued as she spoke to Chinese video news outlet Pear.

‘I hope my dad can find proper treatment for him,’ she added.

Her demand was firmly rejected by her father Li Jianhui, who has sold his cows and borrowed more than 200,000 yuan (£21,960) to pay for the medical bills of his two children.  

Farmer Li Jianhui, the siblings’ father, says he will save both of his children no matter what

‘I treat my children fairly. I will try my best to save my children, even if it means I have to sell my blood,’ said the heart-broken father, who is the sole breadwinner of the family.

Apart from Nana and Zhife, Mr Li needs to look after two other daughters, 15-year-old Li Xiaona and 10-year-old Li Yuna, as well as his elderly, disabled mother.

The debt-ridden man was told by doctors to prepare at least 600,000 yuan (£65,900) more in order to arrange a kidney transplant for Nana and a bone marrow transplant for Zhifei. 

‘As long as I am alive, I am willing to do anything to give my children treatment,’ Mr Li added. 

Mr Li was told to prepare 300,000 yuan (£32,950) in order to arrange a bone marrow transplant for Zhifei who has acute myeloid leukaemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer

Mr Li, a farmer from Henan, wondered ‘how could I possibly go on living?’ after his son and daughter were both diagnosed with critical illnesses. Above, he is pictured with Zhifei, who was adopted in 2011, in the boy’s hospital ward. A local charity is helping the family raise funds

According to Henan Charity General Federation, Nana was diagnosed with uremia last year. She was working as a migrant worker in Guangdong Province and sought medical assistance after failing to see things clearly.

When someone has uremia, it means there is a build-up of urea – a toxic waste product usually found in urine – in the blood. Healthy kidneys should filter urea away.

The condition is a symptom of kidney failure, and the only hope of a cure is a kidney transplant.

Nana’s sudden illness changed her life completely. She had to quit her job and moved back to her hometown to receive medical treatment.

In order to stay alive, Nana had to undergo regular dialysis treatment, which is a way to remove wastes from the patient’s blood and acts as a substitute for the normal function of the kidney.

Upon hearing about her diagnosis, Nana’s fiancé sent her 1,000 yuan (£109) to help with the treatment and then disappeared.  

Li Xiaona, Nana and Zhifei’s sister, cries over her siblings’ tragic illnesses (left) in an interview earlier this year. The 15-year-old has quit school to work in a restaurant. She is pictured (right) scrubbing the floors at work while telling how she wakes up every day at 5am for her job

The family was pushed to further desperation three months later when Mr Li found a lump on his son Zhifei’s left eye. 

He took Zhifei, who was adopted by Mr Li as a baby, to the hospital and doctors found out that the boy had acute myeloid leukaemia, an aggressive and rare form of blood cancer. 

Because Zhifei was adopted, he wasn’t given a normal residency status by the local authority until the spring of 2018. 

This means the family had to shoulder the cost of all medical treatment for the boy without any aid from the state.

In order to help cover the astronomical bills, Mr Li’s second eldest daughter Xiaona dropped out of school last year to work in a restaurant. 

The 15-year-old said in a video released by earlier this year: ‘Because my sister and brother are ill, I have decided to quit school. I want to save my weekly allowance of 60 yuan (£6.6) and use it to pay for their medical bills and buy medicines for them.’ 

Xiaona, who has to get up at 5am daily for her job, added: ‘I hope they can be well and appear in my life happily every day. I don’t want to lose them.’

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Li said his wife was looking after Nana at the Song County People’s Hospital while he was taking care of Zhifei at the Number One Affiliated Hospital to Henan University of Science and Technology.

Mr Li said Zhifei was studying his school textbooks on his own while being hospitalised and awaiting a transplant.

The father made a desperate plea for help: ‘I hope kind-hearted people can save my daughter and son.’

The Henan Charity General Federation in China is running a fund-raising page for the family.    

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