Cuba tornado – 3 dead and 172 injured after Havana hit by monster storm ‘devastating’ the city with severe winds and heavy rain

The Cuban capital –  which is a mecca for tourists – was hit late last night with petrified residents saying the monster storm sounded like a "jet engine" taking off.

The horror twister has left at least three people dead and dozens more injured, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez revealed this morning.

"The damage is severe, so far we regret the loss of three human lives and are treating 172 injured," he said on Twitter.

The president also posted photos of himself with survivors next to piles of debris and the wreckage of cars.

He later added: "We are travelling through places affected by the storm. The damage is severe."

According to reports from the scene, the affected neighbourhoods include Santo Suárez, Luyanó, Vía Blanca, Regla and Chibás.

Everything looks desolate, like in a science fiction movie

The shocking storm hit on Sunday evening bringing gusts of more than 60mph, heavy rain and hail.

Images posted online show dozens of crushed cars and roads blocked by fallen buildings, trees and lamp posts.

One resident likened the storm – which struck at 8.45pm on Sunday night – to a Hollywood disaster movie .

He told El Nuevo Herald: "The ambulance and police sirens have not stopped. We are in the dark. Everything looks desolate, like in a science fiction movie."

The Daughters of Galicia Mother and Child Hospital was quickly evacuated after being battered by winds and there is reports of serious flooding in coastal areas.

At around 1am local time, Canal Habana journalists reported many parts of Havana – home to two million people – were still without electricity.

Tornadoes are pretty rare in Cuba, which is well used to being lashed by hurricanes and fierce Atlantic storms.

After hitting the island, the twister moved north to Florida, where the National Weather Service has already issued warnings.

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