Cuomo holds big lead over Nixon in latest poll

Two-term Incumbent Andrew Cuomo holds a 22-point lead over rival Cynthia Nixon in the Democratic primary for governor, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Cuomo tops Nixon 50 to 28 percent among Democratic voters, with the rest undecided, the Quinnipiac University poll found.

It’s the first time Quinnipiac has polled the race since the “Sex and the City” actress announced her candidacy in March.

Two weeks ago, another poll by Siena College gave Cuomo a more substantial lead of 58 to 27 percent.

In a general election match-up, the Quinnipiac poll reported Cuomo would beat Marc Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive and likely GOP candidate, 57 to 26 percent.

Nixon might be on the November ballot even if she loses the September primary, since she had won the backing of the Working Families Party.

But even under that scenario, the poll found Cuomo would be re-elected.

He’d get 40 percent to 23 percent for Molinaro and 20 percent for Nixon.

“Actress Cynthia is a nuisance to Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he seeks a third term, but at this stage she is not running strong enough to make either the Democratic Party or general election challenge successful,” said pollster Peter Brown.

“Only half the electorate knows her. And in a 3-way race that includes Republican Marc Molinaro, Gov. Cuomo does about as well as his two challengers combined.”

Cuomo had a 49-41 percent favorable rating, while 54 percent approved of his job performance compared to 39 percent who didn’t.

In New York’s US Senate race, Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand was ahead of GOP challenger Chele Farley 58 to 23 percent.

The poll of 1,076 voters was conducted April 26 to May 1.

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