Cuomo to end daily coronavirus press briefings on Friday

ALBANY — Gov. Andrew Cuomo will officially end his daily coronavirus press briefings on Friday, after 111 consecutive days as the pandemic comes under greater containment.

“These daily briefings, while fun, take a lot of time and I’m gonna finish the daily briefings on Friday, and then we will do briefings as necessary — as I’m sure they will often be necessary,” Cuomo said during his 109th briefing Wednesday.

“But we’re gonna turn the page on the immediacy of this crisis. I hope people learn from what we accomplished here in New York. I hope people around the country look at New York and say, ‘how did they do that? How did they go from the worst situation in terms of transmission to the best? How did they do this?”

The third-term Democrat praised declining COVID-19 hospitalizations and death counts as an affirming sign that the Empire State is officially on the other side of the coronavirus “mountain.”

“Our number of hospitalizations: lowest number since we started, amen to 1,400. The number of deaths 17 deaths in the state of New York. Seventeen. Lowest number since we started,” he said, praising the 1,479 daily admission rate and 17 confirmed COVID-19 deaths tracked by the state Department of Health.

“The only way I could feel better is if that number ever becomes zero. This great, great news compared to where we’ve been,” he added.

“Lowest level on the three-day rolling average. That is the mountain, there it is.”

But he warned if numbers don’t stay low, noting New York has hit a low of 1 percent total infection rate, then the state could shut back down — especially as other states are currently seeing second wave spikes.

“Stay vigilant, could come back, if we don’t stay smart it will come back. Could be a second wave, but we did what we had to do my friends and we did it together and we did it every day and I will move on to other things.

The briefings became a source of information and entertainment for New Yorkers and a national audience, as the governor first started the press conferences on Monday, March 2 following reports of the state’s first coronavirus case.

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