Curfew-breaker thrown into van with 'Covid patient' to scare them to stay home

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Indian police officers threw two curfew-breakers into a van where another cop was pretending to be a sick coronavirus patient.

The Asian country is struggling with a horrific second wave of coronavirus which is devastating the country and crippling its healthcare system. Although there is no nationwide lockdown in place, many states and union territories have implemented their own restrictions. 

Mandla, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is one part of the country that is enforcing curfews so people do not spread the disease while they are out.

Footage has emerged of the district’s police force trying to scare people into staying at home by forcing them into a van with a fake Covid-19 patient. 

The video shows a student being questioned by officers speaking to him with a microphone, local outlet The Free Press Journal reported.

Eventually the officer, unsatisfied with the student’s excuse for being out, says: ‘Put this boy in the ambulance with that Covid patient that you were taking to hospital. Then drop him out of town.’ 

A pair of officers, dressed in full PPE, start forcing the young man into the back of an ambulance while he struggles to get out and begs to be let go. 

The man is bundled into an ambulance where another cop is lying, pretending to be someone with coronavirus. 

The officers in hazmat suits then turn to grab a different man and the student takes the opportunity to try and escape. 

But he only makes it a few steps away from the ambulance before the police catch him and force him back into it. 

With both men inside the vehicle, the officers pull the door closed, leaving them to believe they are trapped in small space with someone who has the virus. 

All the while, the officer with the microphone is still speaking into it making sure everyone around them knows the ‘consequences’ of breaking curfew rules. 

One of the men pleads with the cops and promises not to go out again. 

Eventually they are let out of the van and told that the ‘patient’ inside was simply an officer who is in good health. 

The Superintendent of Mandla Police, Yashpal Singh Rajput, told the FPJ: ‘This is a difficult situation. We understand that people coming out of their homes aren’t hardened criminals, but they need to be taught about the dreadful virus.’ has also contacted Mandla Police for comment.

This is not the first time Indian police forces have adopted such measures. 

Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur police department released a staged video in April last year, showing lockdown rule-breakers forced into an ambulance with coronavirus patients. 

But everyone, including the people ‘breaking lockdown’, was performing for the video.

Separate footage showed other departments making young people write ‘I will not leave home unnecessarily’. 

It comes as Indian doctors are discovering that many of their current and ‘recovered’ patients are being diagnosed with Mucormycosis, a black fungus.

The dangerous condition, which can rot a sufferer’s organs, is being found in recovered coronavirus patients five times more than prior to the pandemic. 

India currently has the second-highest number of positive cases in the world – 22,992,517 – and the third-highest number of coronavirus-related deaths at 249,992. 

Experts believe these numbers are much higher in reality. 

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