Dad-to-be's heartbreak as pregnant girlfriend, 28, stops replying to his texts and kills herself after battle with bulimia

Imogen Evans had stopped replying to text messages from her partner Mike Stokes, and was found dead at the home they shared.

The 28-year-old expectant mum was six weeks’ pregnant at the time of her death.

Mike has now spoken out about his profound grief following the death of his talented sportswoman girlfriend in June.

According to Wales Online, his world was shattered when police arrived at his workplace with the news that Imogen had tragically committed suicide.

An inquest into her death heard how Imogen, who had represented Wales in both netball and rowing, had battled mental health issues and bulimia almost her entire life.

Mike has described how he and Imogen were “inseparable” after meeting on Tinder a year ago.

The couple were planning to buy a home shortly before her death, and had recently celebrated the news of their pregnancy.

Reliving the pain of the tragic day, Mike described how Imogen has decided to work from home, claiming traffic from an Ed Sheeran concert in Cardiff would have delayed her getting home later that day.

Shortly after he set off for work alone, he text her saying: “I don’t like the journey without you.”

She replied: “I miss you too.”

As the day went on, Mike claims Imogen stopped replying to his messages, causing him to worry a little.

Speaking to Wales Online, he said: “It wasn’t that far out of the ordinary because if she got that focused into her work she would be on form for hours at a time so I just assumed she was busy.

“But the longer it went on I thought ‘what’s going on?’

“I messaged probably about 20 times.

“Stupidly, I said: ‘Can you please tell me that you’re not lying in a heap on the floor?’

“I didn’t mean anything by it but it’s just one of those things you say.

“Then later on in the afternoon the police turned up.”

Imogen’s body had been found by her mum Susan, who raced to her daughter’s home after receiving a message saying: “I will remove myself from the face of the earth” after the pair had fallen out.

Recounting the moment he was told of Imogen’s death, Mike said: “It just shocked me. I actually threw up. I just felt completely numb.”

He has since admitted struggling to cope with his girlfriend’s untimely death.

Mike said: “I’ve been trying to keep myself together – it’s not easy.

“I slept on the sofa for three months – I didn’t go back to bed.

“I kind of blank stuff out and people keep saying it’s not the best way to deal with stuff.

“I suppose it’s my way.

“People have said I should go to counselling but I don’t see any benefit in that.

“I’m comfortable talking to people I know but sitting in a room with a stranger and going through everything – it’s kind of when the emotion comes back I think.

“I have been really lucky. I have a really good network of support from my family and friends. They have all rallied together for me.”

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