Dad who chased off two robbers says it cost him freedom, £60k job and his baby

A man who drove off and hospitalised two house robbers in a 'moment of madness' has said it cost him his £60k a year data centre job, his freedom and his unborn baby.

The thieves came to the Adam White's family home armed with a crowbar and bolt cutters as they attempted to break in.

Taylor Benford and Ryan Paul were hospitalised after coming off their stolen motorbikes after Adam lost control of his car as he attempted to confront them.

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He was convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving at Luton Crown Court in January and sentenced to 22 months in prison.

Speaking to the Sunday People about his time in prison he said: “The first week was so hard, I couldn’t stop crying.”

He added: “I got through it by thinking about getting home to my kids. I had two other people in my cell and I felt cockroaches scurrying over my bed covers at night. We were all sharing one toilet, it was degrading. I hated it.

“My worst moment was when a cellmate went crazy and smashed the place up. He ripped off the toilet seat and threw it at the guards. He also threw the TV at them."

He goes back to that night in September 2019 that would change his life forever: “They hit a Mercedes and I hit a truck. It all happened within three minutes.

He added: “My engine was on fire, alarms were going off and the airbag was in my face. I couldn’t open the driver’s side door so I had to kick it open. I ran to a woman’s house and asked her to call the police and my wife.”

A month after the incident Adam and his wife Lindsay who have two children made the difficult decision to abort their baby who would have been their first together.

Adam said: “It was sickening having to make the decision to abort the baby. I wish we had a little brother or sister to show the other kids.”

Benford and Paul received suspended sentences and 200 hours of community service for attempted robbery.

Adam's story is available to watch now on Channel 4's 24 Hours in Police Custody.


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