Dad’s gaffe after buying sweets for kids but realising they’re shaped like boobs

A dad bought holiday sweets for his kids, only to find out they were shaped like genitalia.

James Austin, 47, had been in Benidorm, Spain, earlier this month visiting his father Malcolm when he decided to buy some treats for his three sons – William and Oliver, both 13, and Samuel, 10.

The social media manager brought back what he thought was “Spanish Haribo” from Candy Shop Diana in the Costa Blanca resort town.

When James returned home to Derbyshire, he gave out the candy and only realised his howler when one of his giggling sons showed him a so-called “sperm” chew.

James, who is married to wife Helen, said: “William came down in fits of laughter and asked, ‘Have you seen these sweets, dad?’ and me and Helen just looked at each other confused.

"When he showed me the sperm one, he was in hysterics.”

The kids’ X-rated assortment of sweets included a selection of willies, vaginas, bum cheeks, and breasts.

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The 47-year-old added: “It suddenly dawned on me that Samuel might be about to open his so I quickly retrieved them from his room.”

James did sample one but said it tasted gross, adding: “I sort of bit it, said ‘nope’ then put them all in the bin.

"Samuel did ask where his sweets had gone, but I told him they were off. Helen’s been rolling her eyes at me.”

In October last year a grandmother in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, was left disgusted after coming across what she described as “pornographic sweets” that were for sale at a seaside candy shop.

Susan Radford says she was stunned to find "foot-long" penis-shaped sweets which said “don't forget your rock” inside the store.

The nan claims the candy was "within children's reach" and advertised under several erotic names including “Rock C***” and “Big Boy”.

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