Daft motorist tried to move a very large trampoline on a very small trailer

A daft motorist was stopped by police as they were trying to move a very large trampoline balanced on a small trailer.

The police in Northern Ireland gave the driver in Antrim some advice about transporting such large objects but did not ‘bounce’ him straight to the local station, reports BelfastLive .

Instead, they were helped along on their ‘very short journey’, with some new knowledge from the officers.

A post on PSNI Antrim’s Facebook page said: "No prizes on offer today. Just a bit of fun. Can anybody spot anything wrong with this picture?

"I know this picture is somewhat comedic but I have today come across this vehicle outside Antrim.

"The message here is simple – drivers must properly secure the load that they are carrying. The possibilities for this to become a danger to others on the road are significant.

"The motorists here were assisted in completing their extremely short journey and advised in regard to the condition in which their vehicle was used.

"I hope everyone is able to enjoy the good weather over the bank holiday weekend but please respect each other on our roads."

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