Dangerous eagle owl with 6ft wingspan goes MISSING as people warned to ‘keep away’

“She may pose a threat to people or children if someone went to pick her up”

Darren Jackson

“Each of her claws would have a tonne per point. She has four claws, so that’s four tonnes of pressure.

“That could do some serious damage to an adult’s hand or to the arm of a child.”

The owl would be noticeable due to her huge size and because she was still wearing a leather strap and a bell.

He added: “If she is in a tree top during the day, she will be mobbed by crows.

“This means they will try and chase her out of the area.

“If she is in a residential area, she is likely to try and rest under a bush she is tired or stressed but in that instance I would recommend people not to pick her up or try to catch her as there is a potential for them to be hurt by her talons if they don’t know what they are doing.”

If people do find the bird, they are asked to call the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

Alternatively, they could inform their local vet or gardai.

Anyone who may come across the bird is asked to contact the National Parks & Wildlife Service, their local vet or police.

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