Daughter's chilling warning to mum murdered by her convicted killer boyfriend

Amelia Karnstein, 20, said she warned mum Janet Scott that Simon Mellors would “kill her too” if she didn’t sever all ties.

Mellors, 56, knifed Janet, 51, before running her over during a horrific murder in Nottingham last year.

The convicted killer had met Janet in a bar after serving 12 years in prison for murdering his partner, Pearl Black, in May 1999.

Amelia said: “When my mum first met Simon in a bar she text me saying there was some guy staring at her from across the room.

“They hit it off straight away and he quickly moved into our family home.

“She thought he was a normal happy man, but when he started telling her about his exotic ‘life’ – living abroad for 12 years and having his own villa and business – she started questioning it.

“It wasn’t until eight weeks into their relationship that he sent her public documents online explaining his conviction and what had happened, but mum was too deeply in love by then and believed she was safe because he underplayed his convictions.

“When she sent me the links to his conviction I went hysterical and called her and said ‘Mum you can’t do this, he’s going to kill you too!’ – and that’s what happened.”

Janet ended their relationship after a few months but Mellors started ‘stalking’ her – a campaign that ended with her death.

After being charged with Janet’s murder, Mellors was found dead in custody at HMP Manchester while awaiting trial.

Amelia said that at first her mum was not bothered by her partner’s convictions because she believed “everyone deserved a second chance”.

However, once the couple had been together for a few months, Amelia claims that Mellors started to show his ‘true colours’.

She said: “When she went on holiday with my Auntie to Ibiza he would still be at the house and would be very sour about the fact she was away.

“When they went food shopping he would be very controlling of what she bought – but aside from that their relationship didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

“We used to spend a lot of time playing chess together and sat across one another at dinner, and he would always tell me I was ‘too clever for your own good,’ but knowing his past I found this threatening.

“Wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt she stayed with him until New Year, because she wanted him to be able to celebrate his first one out of prison – but she didn’t know that’d be her last.

“She even offered for the two of them to be friends, but then he started following her on her way to work.

“She used to call me worried about what would’ve happened if she didn’t turn around and see him.”

On January 29 2017, after an altercation at her house, Janet was killed by Mellors.

Amelia said: “I was at university when it happened, and as soon as the police turned up at my door I knew he’d done something to her.

“They told me that it started at the house, where he stabbed her, but she was still alive until he’d driven a car into her near his home.

“When they told me what happened my world came crashing down, as much as I wasn’t surprised by what he’d done, I never thought I’d lose my mum.

“He manipulated everyone he met but especially my mum and he completely wore her down.

“My mum was the kindest, most loving and forgiving person there was and I still can’t believe she was taken from us.”

After being charged with Janet’s murder, Mellor took his own life whilst in prison.

Now, Amelia and her five siblings are striving to keep their mum’s story alive.

She said: “Mum is very much a part of our lives every day – the house is covered in pictures of her and she’s brought up in every conversation we have.

“She had three morals that she always stuck to: always travel, always put family first and always see the world for the best it could be – and that’s what we live by.

“She was a very charitable person also, so we all try and do our best for charity and often sit down with families who have lost their parents and share our story with them.

“Although nothing is going to bring her back, there’s things we strive to do every day to keep her alive and not let this monster have the last laugh.”

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "This is a tragic case and our sincere condolences are with the victim's family and friends.

"Serious further offences such as this are very rare, but each one is taken extremely seriously and investigated fully.

"A full review into this case is underway, and we will carefully consider the findings to make sure all possible lessons are learnt."

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