De Blasio should stop blaming the press and look in the mirror

Boy, oh boy does Mayor de Blasio hate the press.

That’s the most striking takeaway from the 4,200 pages of e-mails the mayor finally released Thursday, three years after The Post’s Yoav Gonen and NY1’s Grace Rauh requested them under the state Freedom of Information Law.

Turns out de Blasio isn’t just set off by The Post, which he often rails against publicly for exposing news about him he’d rather keep hidden. No, Hizzoner blows his stack at media from all over the political map — from CBS New York to The New York Times to The Atlantic.

And his language gets salty: “Totally f–ked up,” for example, is what he called a decision by The New York Times not to run two op-ed columns he sent in. And after The Atlantic ran a “horrible” profile of him, he whined about having given the author “a s–tload of time.” It’s “shocking how bad and unfair” the piece was, he wrote. “I have no use for these people.”

Heck, even when the Times praised him for his calm approach at a tough press conference, the thin-skinned mayor fumed that the article was “idiotic.”

He also wished for The Post’s “demise.”

All in all, he huffed, “The news media is pitiful and it’s sad for our city and nation.” Facing such hostility, “We can make a conscience [sic] decision to surrender,” he told aides, “or we can govern.”

At one point, he even touted an idea for his folks to “create our own click-bait” to fight back.

De Blasio’s three-year stall before coughing up the e-mails was itself a bid to keep the public blind to his true persona. His pretext for keeping them secret (the outside consultants he conversed with were “agents of the city,” which exempted the e-mails from FOIL) had to be slapped down by two separate courts.

But what’s most remarkable about the whole thing is the thought that plainly never occurred to him: The problem, Mr. Mayor, may not be with the press — but with you.

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