Defence in Curtis Sagmoen threat-uttering trial challenges lawfulness of arrest

After losing several other bids to keep evidence out of trial, defence in the Curtis Sagmoen case involving uttered threats is mounting one final legal challenge ahead of the main trial.

This time, Sagmoen’s lawyer is challenging the lawfulness of his arrest.

The court proceedings on the issue provided an inside look at RCMP operations in what’s become a high-profile case.

Police testimony revealed officers didn’t want to arrest Sagmoen on his family’s rural North Okanagan property over concerns about officer safety because the case involved a firearm.

Sagmoen has pleaded not guilty to five charges in connection with allegations he threatened a woman with a gun in August, 2017.

The victim had been invited out to a rural area to work as an escort before she was allegedly ambushed.

According to police, she unsuccessfully tried to drive away and ended up running off, losing her shoes in the process.

Court heard police considered calling Sagmoen off the property to arrest him, but were worried that would give him time to get rid of possible evidence.

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