Defiant Brits head off to France despite facing 14-day quarantine on return

DEFIANT Brits made their way to France today – despite facing 14-days of quarantine on return.

Queues of cars waited to take the ferry from Dover to Calais, as thousands of Brits raced home in the opposite direction.

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It was announced yesterday that people arriving in the UK from France after 4am on Saturday will have to isolate for 14 days due to rising numbers of coronavirus cases there.

French airports were hit with huge queues as a result and many were turned away as passengers tried to beat the cut off.

But despite the chaos, one family from South East London said they would still "have a great trip," adding they were "mentally prepared" for the news.

Jamie Harrison and wife Bernie, both 43, headed off on a 10-day camping trip in Nice with their three children JJ, nine, Luke, six, and Nelly, three, today.

Dad Jamie said: "Of course I didn't really want it to happen but I could see it coming. We're still going to enjoy ourselves and have a great trip.

"There's never going to be a good time to introduce quarantine and if it's got to be done then so be it. But I don't understand why they've picked Saturday to implement it.

"I feel like if you test negative then you should be allowed to finish self isolating. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me."

Of course I didn't really want it to happen but I could see it coming. We're still going to enjoy ourselves and have a great trip.

His wife Bernie added: "We kind of thought it was going to come after what happened with Spain. I was mentally prepared. It was short notice there so I expected it – it's out of our control.

"And we made sure we had two weeks before the kids go back to school in case quarantine was brought in."

But Bernie and James' eldest son JJ disagreed, adding: "I think quarantine is bad and that's why I wanted to stay at home instead of going on holiday. It means I can't play with my friends for two weeks."

It comes as Brits stuck in France slammed the newly implemented quarantine rules a "shambles" – with Eurotunnel bosses warning trains back to England are now "fully booked" and prices have been hiked.

As BA flight prices rocketed £664 to £770, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle warned all shuttles are fully booked until tomorrow.

A statement added: "Please do not arrive at the terminal unless you have a ticket valid for travel today."


There were winding queues building to board ferries at Calais for Dover – with passengers struggling to get last minute tickets. 

IT manager Lewis Kitson, 37, said: “This is just a complete shambles. It’s chaos. They’re making it up as they go along now.

“They can’t justify this. It’s guess work. I’m not bothered about quarantine if I’m too late. I’ve just come through France on a road trip. I’m trying to book to get home.

“They’ll have to put me in prison before I comply with quarantine."

And another returning Brit revealed she was forced to quit her job on a superyacht in the south of France over fears quarantine would make her miss her first few weeks at university.

The 21-year-old stewardess, who arrived into London’s St Pancras International at 9am today, said: "I don't think the quarantine is a good thing at all. I think it is so stupid. 

“There is nothing whatsoever stopping anyone visiting their friends and family when they have been travelling.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said anyone who turns up trying to get a last minute seat home before the quarantine comes into force will "almost certainly be disappointed."

Mr Shapps told Sky News: "Clearly quite a lot of people may be trying to return immediately.

"The advice from all the travel operators is very clear, to contact them in advance.

"Don't just turn up because you will almost certainly be disappointed and it will just create queues which no one wants to see."

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