Delta passenger forced to ‘sit in poo for two hour flight’ left shaking

A Delta Air Lines passenger claims he was forced to sit in faeces for his entire two hour flight.

Matthew Meehan said his legs, pants and shoes were covered in poo after he sat in a dirty seat on a flight from Atlanta to Miami.

The frequent flyer says he has been left ‘shaking, disgusted and horrified’ and thinks he’s covered in "sickness and disease".

Matthew was given the choice between sitting in the seat or missing his flight when he brought the issue to the crew’s attention, according to RT.

People have been outraged by the incident after Matthew wrote about it on Facebook and shared shocking photos of what looks like diarrhea smeared on his shoes.

Delta has apologised admitting the area around his seat was not appropriately cleaned "following an incident involving an ill emotional support animal".

In a post which he asked people to share, Matthew said: "I’m covered in FECES from the person that sat in the airplane seat before me. It’s on my legs, pants shoes…. I’m NOT HAPPY DELTA! SICK!"

"I was told to either sit in my seat or don’t go home tonight," his post reads.

The post continued: "Delta was made aware of the FECES from the prior flight before MY flight boarded and no one checked to see if it was clean, I was allowed to board unknowingly and SAT IN IT covering myself in sickness and disease.

"No apology, no care, and was told to deal with it by Atlanta Red Coat. I’m shaking. I’m disgusted. I’m horrified.(SIC). "

After Matthew’s post, social media users expressed their shock.

One commented on Facebook: "How Awful! I can’t believe that this passenger had to go through this.

"I really thought the airlines take better care and make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize the plane before the next passenger sits down.

"Well, I guess I will need to really inspect where I sit from now on. I feel so sorry for the passenger, Matthew."

Another said: "That flight should have been cancelled or delayed."

A spokesperson for Delta told Mirror Online : Delta apologises to a customer affected by an issue on board a recent flight after the area around his seat was not appropriately cleaned following an incident involving an ill emotional support animal.

"Delta has issued a refund and additional compensation to the customer impacted by this incident.

"The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are conducting a full investigation while following up with the right teams to prevent this from happening again.

"Upon landing in Miami, the aircraft was taken out of service to be deep cleaned and further disinfected."

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