Denver man faces felony after city accuses him of making pickleball court without permission

A 71-year-old Denver man is facing a felony charge after city officials say he made a pickleball court without permission. With prosecution on the table, some believe the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

71-year-old Arslan Guney and others use a basketball court at Denver’s Central Park Recreation Center for pickleball. Last Monday, the markings on the court had faded, so Guney re-marked them with a Sharpie.

Three days later, an arrest warrant for felony criminal mischief was issued for Guney. The court document also claims ten thousand dollars in damages. Guney also received an email notifying him his Denver Parks and Recreation membership had been suspended indefinitely.

The game — a mix of tennis, racquetball and ping-pong — is one Guney has played for years, according to close friends.

“He is what we call the mayor of pickleball,” Jan Devor, a friend of Guney and fellow pickleball player. said.

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