Denver weather: First 90-degree temperatures of the year should hit this weekend

Although it’s been a rather cool and cloudy start to the year, the Denver weather forecast calls for temperatures to reach into the high 80s and low 90s by this weekend as a ridge of high pressure, which is typically known for its dry and hot weather, moves toward us.

If we were to hit 90 degrees on Saturday, June 5, it would come five days earlier than the typical first 90-degree temperature reading is recorded in Denver. There is the potential to hit 90 degrees on Friday but the current forecast is calling for temperatures to peak in the upper 80s.

June 10 is the average date for the first 90-degree reading in Denver but we’ve had 90-degree temperatures as early as April 30 (that happened in 1992). The Mile High City averages 40 days of 90-degree heat each summer season. Last year brought 75 days in the 90s, topping the record books and making it the year when we had more 90-degree days than any year since 1872.

There has never been a year where Denver didn’t hit 90 degrees but in 1967 and 1923, Denver hit 90 degrees on only 4 days. The trend for our summer heat, as noted in our new climate normals, shows that our summers are getting hotter. Meteorological summer runs from June 1 to August 30 and according to data from ClimateCentral, summers in Denver have warmed 2.6º since 1970, leading to hotter than normal temperatures becoming expected during these months.

Regardless of if we hit 90 this weekend or not, the summer heat is approaching and you can expect more than a month’s worth of 90-degree heat this summer before the cooler air takes over once again. Our average last date of 90 degrees comes on Sept. 5 but we’ve had 90-degree temperatures as late as Oct. 1.

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