Derry Girls star gets apology after reviewer brands her ‘overweight little girl’

Derry Girls actress Nicola Coughlan has received an apology from the British Theatre Guide over a review that described as an "overweight little girl".

The actress called out Phillip Fisher on Twitter after he made the cruel jibe about her appearance in his review of The Prime Miss Jean Brodie at Covent Garden’s Donmar Warehouse.

He described Nicola’s character as "the kind of overweight little girl who will always become the butt of her fellows’ immature humour".

The actress was appalled at appalled at his description of her body and called him and the British Theatre Guide out on the Twitter.

She wrote: "Hi @BritishTheatreGuide, for the second time your reviewer Philip Fisher has come to see a show I’m in, and as part of reviewing the show he has also reviewed my body.

"How can you continue to support this?"

Her tweet garnered a lot of attention of the micro-blogging site and the British Theatre Guide issued an apology.

But because Nicola would not accept a direct apology, they tweeted: "Nicola, we apologise unreservedly for the offence caused by the wording of this review.

The offending words have been removed.

"While the reviewer may not have intended to offend, he accepts that it is not acceptable to use such descriptions in a review and not BTG policy."

The Galway actress took the opportunity to have a dig at their all male editorial team, telling them: "If you really want to do better in the future, please look at hiring some women on your editorial staff.

"They are the people who can tell you how you’ve managed to get it so badly wrong."

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