Disabled blokes asked to leave gym as they could ‘harm its reputation’

A leaked video from Malaysia has caused mass offence as a gym owner tells two paying customers to leave because their disabilities could ruin the business's reputation.

The two men were enjoying their workout session when the staggering turn of events took place.

A female voice shouts: “We are scared that it’s dangerous for you people."

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Feeling alarmed by the situation, one of the men, who uses a wheelchair, whipped out his phone and recorded the 41-second interaction.

While accepting her position, the other man knew this wasn't right.

He responded: “I know, but it’s usually stated in the gym’s rules and regulations."

This prompted one of them to ask whether it has ever been explicitly stated in their rules and regulations that people who fall under the OKU bracket (a Malaysian term for people with disabilities) can't utilise the facilities, to which the owner responds in the affirmative.

The footage concludes with the gym worker telling the workout buddies that she will talk to the manager about the situation.

Afiq Azman, who posted the video, which has since gone viral, to his Twitter account, has toldSAYS that when they asked why they had to leave, the manager responded: "Because you are disabled, you are prone to accidents when you are using our equipment, and it’s dangerous for you. Your physical condition is not suitable for this gym."

Controversially, the owner said that any accidents that take place on the premises would damage the business's reputation.

Azman continued: “I told her that I’ve been here for four months, and there has been no issue, and she responded to me that this was her first time seeing us, and she was shocked to see OKU training at her gym."

Deeply saddened by the situation, he defended himself, explaining that he was aware of his limitations.

He told her: "I’m disabled, but I know how to handle myself. I won’t simply use equipment that is harmful to me."

But despite his protestations, the owner demanded he leave.

“I asked her where should I go if I couldn’t come here, and she told us that we needed to find another gym that was appropriate for our condition."

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