Disturbing moment man 'high on zombie drug Spice' writhes around on city centre bench in broad daylight filmed by angry shopkeeper

The shocking footage was captured by a shopkeeper in Hull city centre who says the area has become plagued by users of the synthetic strain of cannabis.

Speaking anonymously he said: "This is the last straw. People come into town to shop and this is what they are faced with.

"Yesterday, we must have had ten customers comment on what was happening outside and this was on Sunday.

"There is open dealing and people getting off their faces. All I can see is these smackheads and zombies."

The clip shows the man rolling around on the bench while shouting abusive language.

A crowd gathers while other shoppers go about their business on the city’s Jameson Street.

The shopkeeper added: “This guy is on the bench and he was off his face on drugs. He was shouting, swearing. He was doing everything.

"Suddenly he jumps up and he doesn’t remember where he is. He gets up and he is off his tree and he can’t walk because he is still in his zone.

"Everyone is concerned for him. You don’t want to see anybody go through anything like.”

The shopkeeper says drug-use is a growing problem in the city centre.

He added: "We have photos where they are stood in the telephone box sharing out drugs. It’s disgusting what’s happening.

"One minute, they are walking round causing no hassle and the next minute, they are high as kites, causing mayhem."

He says it is taking its toll on trade, adding: "Of course it is affecting the business. It’s affecting the whole city centre.

"I have been in the town for 35 years and I don’t need all of this and I don’t think none of them [the other retailers] need this."

The police said they will be increasing their presence in the area.

Spice was outlawed along with other synthetic highs two years ago, but it still wreaks havoc on many city streets.

In July last year ten people were taken to hospital after smoking a potent crystal from of the drug in Manchester.

In March this year 14-year-old Luke Pennington from Stockport became the UK's youngest victim of the drug after having a severe reaction to it.

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