‘Do you want men to be sobbing wrecks?’ Piers Morgan slams Gillette

‘Do you want men to be weak spineless sobbing wrecks?’ Piers Morgan slams Gillette’s controversial new ad as he says brand has gone from ‘celebrating fabulous masculine qualities’ to ‘portraying them as evil’

  • The new Gillette advert has sparked outrage among the product’s consumers 
  • Men were told to end ‘toxic masculinity’ and change the way they are acting
  • The ad puts a new spin on the shaving brand’s 30-year tagline ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ by putting the responsibility on men to end bullying and sexism
  • It backfired when the hashtag #GetWokeGoBroke was shared on Twitter
  • Piers Morgan was furious and told GMB viewers the advert had gone too far 
  • Ad was directed by Kim Gehrig at the UK-based production agency Somesuch

Piers Morgan launched a furious rant at a controversial ‘virtue signalling, PC grade nonsense’ new advert from Gillette this morning after the brand had a major advertising overhaul.

Yesterday, Gillette launched its new advert which advised men to end ‘toxic masculinity’ with an ad challenging bad behaviour by males. 

The advert shows a man talking over a woman in a boardroom, boys fighting and grown men ignoring them saying ‘boys will be boys’ and men wolf whistling at women without being countered by their peers.

At the end of the advert it shows good examples of behaviour, with men being corrected for their actions. 

In just one day 197,000 ‘disliked’ the advert on YouTube and men vowed to boycott the product. 

The Good Morning Britain host was livid the P&G brand known for its ‘the best a man can get’ slogan was advising men how to behave, saying ‘most men are good guys’.  

He said: ‘Men these days don’t know what the hell they’re doing all the qualities that were good in men are being portrayed as evil.

‘Gillette used to celebrate fabulous masculine qualities, now the presumption is we are all horrible people. They have changed their tone from celebration of masculinity.

‘This is not being driven by most women. It’s being driven by radical feminist who don’t like masculinity.  

Piers Morgan was furious over the Gillette advert and said it would be outrageous if there was a similar advert about women

An angered Piers said ‘most men are good men’ as the advert was ‘disliked’ thousands of time on YouTube

Mansplaining: In one scene, a man speaks over his female colleague and explains what she means 

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Stand up for what’s right: The ad shows one man stopping his friend as he catcalls a woman who is waking by 

Activist: The commercial shows a clip of actor Terry Crews, a victim of sexual assault, saying: ‘Men need to hold other men accountable’

‘If this was the other way round –starting from the presumption all women are bad – you’d be fired.

‘The premise of the Gillette advert is all men are predators unless proven otherwise.’ 

The advert asks, as it shows examples of bad behaviour: ‘Is this the best a man can get? 

It continues: ‘Its been going on far too long.

‘Something finally changed

It finishes with: ‘The boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.’

The ad was directed by Kim Gehrig at the UK-basedproduction agency, Somesuch. Gehrig was behind the 2015 for Sport England. 

Harriet Minter came on GMB and supported the advert. She said: ‘It shows men behaving badly and other men standing up to it.

‘This celebrates the joy of men.’  

While co-host also Susanna Reid supported the advert Mr Morgan was angered by it. 

He said: ‘This is a war against masculinity driven by radical feminists. 

Challenging social norms: The commercial highlights all the different ways the mistreatment of women has been normalized over the years

Full of meaning: The boy runs through a living room as a mom consoles her son who is a victim of bullying 

Not having it: Instead of saying ‘boys will be boys,’ a dad stops his son from fighting with another little boy 

Mr Morgan argued if he made an advert saying women were ‘weak’ he would be fired for highlighting bad qualities and applying them to all women. 

Critics of the socially conscious campaign took to Twitter to slam the ad while claiming Gillette had ‘just insulted their own user base.’ 

The majority of those who spoke out against the ad are male, and many proudly used the hashtag #GetWokeGoBroke while swearing off the company’s products. 

Mr Morgan who said he has used the products for thirty years will consider boycotting them.

He said: ‘Men are fed up with this. They are fed up with being told how awful we are all day.

‘Sorry ladies we don’t think we’re that awful. We are not actually as a breed. Men are not all evil.’


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