Does Alison Brie ever rehearse lines with husband Dave Franco?

Perfecting an on-screen performance requires special preparation — the kind that only another actor can truly appreciate.

So one might think that Alison Brie has an acting advantage being married to filmmaker and occasional co-star Dave Franco, since she’s never far from a talented actor with whom she can run her lines.

At least in theory.

But during a Monday morning visit to the 3rd hour of TODAY, Brie explained that, in reality, she and Franco aren’t on the same page when it comes to reading their scripts aloud."We have two different schools of thought on it," the 39-year-old former "GLOW" star said. "He does not like to run lines, and I do like to."

And despite his position, she still tries to convince Franco to give it a shot.

"We’ve had a couple of times where we’re shooting movies together, that we’re acting in together, and we're, like, about to fall asleep," Brie recalled. "And I’m like, ‘Run lines with me.'"

His response to her whispered request? "Noooo!"

She compared herself to a ghost, trying to run her lines around the house while Franco, 36, just ignores her.

But that's a situation she's now grown accustomed to, thanks to her work on the upcoming Apple TV+ anthology "Roar."

Brie actually plays a ghost in her episode on the surreal eight-part series.

“It took us a little time to figure out kind of how we were going to do it, through trial and error on set,” she said of the process of filming with the rest of the “Roar” cast. “Eventually, they were like, ‘Alison, just say your lines while the guys are playing out the scene — and nobody look at her or acknowledge her.’ I definitely felt like I related to my character.”

In fact, when friends asked her about her on-screen chemistry with her co-stars on the show, Brie admitted, "Well, it’s hard to tell because my character is a ghost so everyone ignores me.”

"Roar" debuts April 15 on Apple TV+.

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