‘Does not stop here’ NATO ‘on notice’ as Putin eyed up former soviet states for expansion

Ukraine: EU NATO nations need to 'pay the bill' for defence

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Mr Bradshaw warned that the war could escalate if Vladimir Putin decide to try and reunite former Soviet Union countries in Europe. The Russian President has been waging war on neighbouring Ukraine for almost a month now. Peace talks have been held between both countries, but there is still no clear sign as to when the war will end.

Mr Bradshaw told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The point is it does not stop here.

“And NATO is on notice from Putin, NATO nations particularly those that were former Soviet Republics are in his sights.

“And at this very important meeting coming up NATO will have to as it has done until now, show strength unity and resolve.”

Mr Bradshaw added: “The issue for NATO in the next couple of days and for the EU, is for both organisations which largely, consist of the name of the same group of countries to recognise that strategic autonomy for Europe in the context of deterrents of Russia is not on.

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“We need the US firmly locked in, and the European nations of NATO need to demonstrate a willingness to pay the bill, just as the Germans are.

“And for the UK, it may well be that we conclude that 2 percent is just not enough to cover the costs of deterrents and the security of the global commons.

“And without doubt defence spending will need to be reviewed.”

Reports from Western intelligence have warned that possible involvement from Belarus have been circulating.

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The NATO intelligence official told NBC: “The Belarusian government is preparing the environment to justify a Belarusian offensive against Ukraine and the imminent deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus.

“I’m not telling you they’re going to put nukes in there tomorrow.

“What I mean is they’ve taken steps politically to now be able to receive nuclear weapons if such a decision is made.”

Igor Kalabukhov, the Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, uttered a similar sentiment as Mr Bradshaw when he warned of the possibility of Putin trying to take the former Soviet States in Europe.


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Mr Kalabukhov said: “How do you know that we are not planning anything against Croatia, Hungary, or Poland? We have plans against NATO. We estimate the geo-strategic situation, we look at where the threats come from and react.“

Mr Kalabukhov added: “If Bosnia and Herzegovina, decide to be a member of any association, it is an internal affair. But another thing is our reaction.

“With the example of Ukraine, we showed what we expect. If there is a threat, we will react.”

NATO members are set to meet tomorrow in Brussels to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

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