Dog dies after being left inside scorching 118F car stolen from outside casino – The Sun

A HEARTLESS thief ditched a helpless dog leaving him to die inside a 118F car.

The thief had attempted to steal the dog's owner's SUV from outside a casino in Tampa, Florida but abandoned it once he realised there was an unexpected passenger to die.

The dog, called Bootsie was found unresponsive inside the boiling hot car with the windows and doors locked.

Bootsie had been snatched along with the SUV from outside the Big Easy Casino in Hallandale Beach.

It's thought the owner had left Bootsie in the back seat with the car's engine running when the thief hopped in and made off with the car just before midnight on February 19.

It wasn't until around 16 hours later that Yvonne Rella noticed the abandoned car with Bootsie inside, unresponsive at the parking lot at her work.

Speaking to Local 10 she said: "I normally park in that spot and then I see this black car that looked like mine,” she said. "When I look in it, I saw this dog.



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"I was so sad, with the poor dog."

The car was found roughly a mile away from the casino.

Cops say the suspect is a black or Hispanic male in his 20s or 30s with long dreadlocks.

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