Dog groomer left with serious scars after ‘out of control’ pooch bit face

A dog groomer has been left with scars after a terrier owned by one of her client's bit her on the face, leaving lasting damage.

Kayleigh Price was injured after Stephen Jones' cross breed terrier bit her outside of her home earlier this year, with potentially permanent scarring.

The permanence of her injuries depends on how successful the remainder of her hospital treatment is, Liverpool Crown Court has heard.

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Prosecutors told the court that Price had been running a successful dog groomers from a van outside her home for some time, working in the business since she was a teenager and never having any serious issues with dogs in the past.

But her encounter with Jones' dog on May 27 has given her a horrifying experience and a nasty bite too from a dog named Biscuit.

Previous work for Jones' dog had been carried out with no issues reported, but their most recent meeting turned violent when Jones arrived with the uncontrollable dog in a taxi.

Price is said to have went outside to take the dog from Jones, but then realised the dog had no lead or collar on which is when Biscuit bit the dog groomer in the face.

CCTV showed Biscuit biting Price, who ran back into her home and was subsequently taken to Aintree Hospital for treatment.

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Doctors have warned Price that her upcoming operation would likely leave a permanent scar, with Price saying "I feel like I have lost all of my friends" due to her appearance.

Jones, 52, pleaded guilty to being in control of a dog that caused injury while dangerously out of control, where District Judge Wendy Lloyd blasted the man, saying it was "stupid in the extreme that this dog was not on a lead".

Jones was handed a 16 week curfew meaning he must be in his home between the hours of 9:30pm and 8am, and must also pay Price £500 in compensation.

District Judge Lloyd reduced the fee significantly because of his very limited means, Liverpool Echo reported.

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