Dog injured in al-Baghdadi raid revealed as Donald Trump praises ‘great job’

A hero military dog that was wounded as it helped track down feared ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has finally been identified .

The canine's name has been revealed as Conan, a Belgian Malinois working dog attached to the US Army's highly-secretive Delta Force unit.

The dog swooped into action on Saturday night during the mission led by US special forces and aided by SAS in Syria.

Donald Trump had earlier tweeted a picture of the canine and praised it as a “good boy”, “beautiful” and “talented”.

“We have declassified a picture of the wonderful dog (name not declassified) that did such a GREAT JOB,” Trump wrote on Monday.

Conan suffered minor injuries as it chased down al-Baghdadi moments before he detonated his vest, according to Newsweek reports.

Conan was slightly wounded by shrapnel from the blast but has since returned to service with its handler after receiving treatment.

US Department of Defense officials had initially refused to identify the K9 fighter until the US President intervened.

At a press conference on Monday, Gen Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, told reporters: “We’re not releasing the name of the dog right now … the dog is still in theatre.”

"Slightly wounded and fully recovering – but the dog is still in theatre, returned to duty, with its handler. 

Reports say Conan is named after the late-night comedian Conan O'Brien and not the famed barbarian once portrayed by Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Further details have emerged about the daring nighttime raid including the identity of the operations commander who helped to plan it.

Lieutenant General Scott Howell, of Cadiz, Kentucky, has been praised as the man who helped lead the successful attack.

It is unclear if Lt. Gen. Howell was on the ground in Syria during the attack but he is an experienced command pilot with more than 2,600 flight hours, including tours of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lieutenant General Howell , who enlisted through the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1987,  is the commander of the Joint Special Operations Command in Fort Bragg, in North Carolina.

Newsweek claimed Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest after realising he had no chance of escape.

His two wives were also reportedly killed in the firefight, with no injuries to US forces.

Donald Trump later said he watched his country's soldiers kill the world's most wanted man on a live stream like "a movie".  

"I don't want to say how, but we had absolutely perfect — as though you were watching a movie.

"The technology there alone is really great," he explained in a press conference on Sunday.

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